Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Partnership Development

The Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program (HWPP) and the MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health are committed to helping develop, maintain and evaluate partnerships through an established set of principles and a supportive partnership development process.

Successful community-MCW academic partnerships begin forming at the same time as the project idea and typically well in advance of the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Resources are available to develop and support community and academic partners to build and maintain successful partnerships. HWPP is available to assist in establishing contact with potential partners.

The following suggestions may aid in your partnership development process:

  • Network with potential partners while seeking assistance from HWPP.
    • Speak with other researchers or health providers who you or your community group has contact with for MCW referrals, even if their area of expertise is not right for your project.
    • Contact organizations or community members with whom you have worked or who might be interested in research topics in your area of expertise. Read local community papers, go to community events.
    • Network with similar associations or groups – many successful HWPP partnerships include coalitions of many smaller partners with similar goals.
    • Discuss your project with your existing professional connections – finding a partner is often the result of networking with those contacts you already have.
  •  Utilize internet-based resources to search for potential partners:

The Faculty Collaboration Database (FCD) is searchable and provides basic demographic information about MCW faculty as well as grants MCW faculty are involved with. Other information such as published articles, leadership positions, mentoring availability, educational and clinical expertise, community partnerships and more are included in the faculty profiles. It is important to note that not all faculty members in the database are considered eligible academic partners for HWPP projects, nor is the database an exhaustive list of all available faculty.

The search feature of the system is simple to use, yet extensive in the presentation of the results. There is only one search box, and no options. With a given search term, all the data in the system is queried, and a summary of results is presented. A search encompasses many fields, including the faculty name, their interests and expertise, their publications, and the grants they may be involved with. The user can then decide how to narrow down the result and eventually find potential faculty members to collaborate with on a partnership project. A Contact link is provided on the Faculty member's profile page.

To access this online database, visit, click the Search function on the top navigation bar and enter a search term. You do not need to log in to the system to complete a search.

When contacting potential academic partners via the FCD or HWPP's Academic Partner Directory, inform them that their contact information was obtained from one of the two databases. In an email, provide your solidified project idea - clearly indicating the need for the project, process, additional players, the tentative budget and expected outcomes. Also, indicate exactly what you would anticipate an academic partner would bring to the table. If any of them should indicate that they are unable to participate on a project, ask if they can recommend any colleagues.
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