Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Community Partner Directory

The following community agencies have indicated interest in developing partnerships with faculty or staff from the Medical College of Wisconsin to submit project proposals to the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.  These agencies have provided brief Program or Project Descriptions linked to the Health Improvement Model and have delineated general roles for potential academic partners. 

Please note that these summary entries are for informational and networking purposes only and are not required nor are they determinants of funding or partnership.

We encourage you to review this information and initiate communication with potential community members who are eligible for partnership. Staff at the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program are available to assist you in establishing contact with potential partners.  If you would like assistance, please email us with a brief description of the proposed project and ideas for the role of the community partner. 

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4 Design
Menomonee Falls
Lissa Rolenc
Project Interest Areas: Statewide dementia care and design programs.


16th Street Community Health Center
Wina M. Zorro
414.672.1315 ext. 345
Project Interest Areas:  Improving asthma management for Hispanic pediatric asthma patients; Hispanic health beliefs surrounding pregnancy (focus groups of immigrant Mexican OB patients); Improving diabetes management outcomes in the Hispanic community.  Program would be enhanced by a local or regional partner with expertise in research, data collection/analysis; chronic disease management; community health; asthma; diabetes; obesity/healthy lifestyle. 


ABC for Health
Jeremy Cusker
Project Interest Areas:  Access to health care and coverage for Spanish-speaking non-citizens and for African Americans.  Interest in health care coverage issues an experience with outreach to minority and non-citizen populations.  Expertise in pediatrics, obstetrics or family medicine in the local or regional areas of Madison would assist in the success of this program.


Adoption Resources of Wisconsin
Marilyn C Boeldt
Project Interest Areas:  Mental health and mental disorders; Children and adolescents; Community health improvement processes in the Milwaukee region.


Agnesian HealthCare
Tim Havican
Project Interest Areas: Agnesian is a regional hospital operating in a predominantly rural portion of the state with a focus on access to care for the uninsured and underserved.  Particular project interests include obesity and nutrition in childhood, medication access for seniors and the indigent, patient safety with an emphasis on medication safety, palliative care, oral health care and telemedicine.

America SCORES Milwaukee
Kate Carpenter
Project Interest Areas: Currently, America SCORES Milwaukee partners with urban schools to provide a high quality, team-based program that integrates soccer, poetry and service learning to 3rd-5th grade students for 5-days-a-week for 20 weeks. We seek a partnership with members from the medical community to assist us with our regular evaluation of health outcomes that we collect during 20 weeks of programming. Current evaluation methods measure outcomes in BMI, mini Cooper Fitness Run, pre-post surveys on health and nutrition knowledge as well as an inventory of other physical fitness activities that our students participate outside of SCORES programming.

Arthritis Foundation
Lori Obluck
Project Interest Areas: The Arthritis Foundation is an established nonprofit voluntary health agency dedicated to improving lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases.  We are interested in partnering on community-based health, wellness and prevention initiatives focused on chronic illness, older adults and underserved populations.  Our partner role may include strategic planning support, professional expertise in evidence based physical activity programming, opportunities for staff to present educational sessions at community based disease prevention and management initiatives, collaborative planning for environmental and policy strategies to increase physical activity among adults at risk of chronic disease and access to quality health services to people with arthritis.


Asha Family Services, Inc.
Antonia A. Vann
Project Interest Areas:  Asha Family Services intends to partner with someone to spearhead the evaluation of African American men and women of the hip hop generation whose belief systems put them at higher risk for HIV/AIDS.  This project would identify and examine the factors that put them at risk and would study ways to address the spread of infectious diseased among this group. 

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Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh
Marc Dosogne
Project Interest Areas:  Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh has a mission to provide children with knowledge and experience in healthy lifestyles.  This project would address new concerns of obesity and childhood diabetes and conducting scientific studies of obesity and nutrition in children between the ages of six and eighteen and would be improved with a partner with expertise in the field of nutrition, weight loss, and children. 


CAP Services, Inc.
Patsy Mbughuni 
Project Interest Areas: CAP Services is a multi-program, non-profit community action agency serving five counties in central Wisconsin. CAP would like to partner with faculty to implement the Hispanic Health Patient Navigator Program that will assist the Hispanic population, particularly those with limited English proficiency, to access health care by providing outreach, education, assistance with appointment scheduling, laboratory visits, linkage to to financial assistance and other local resources, and understanding of the treatment plan. The Program will be located in central Wisconsin. CAP also operates a program to improve the delivery system of home health care to seniors by forming home health care co-operatives and invites any inquiries in that area. An academic partner's role would be to assist with developing and refining the program design, monitoring the successes and shortfalls of the program, identifying program modifications as needed and developing program evaluation tools. Partners should be familiar with the Hispanic population, their strengths, health concerns and needs.


Cardinal Capital Management
Milwaukee (but willing to work in any area of Wisconsin)
Beth Schwenker
Project Interest Area: Cardinal Capital Management has worked with a wide range of populations who qualify for subsidized housing: low income families, the elderly, and disabled individuals from inner city Milwaukee to rural Wisconsin. Cardinal Capital Management would like to develop programs to increase access to preventative and wellness health care for the underserved populations to: improve the quality of life, create more healthy and sustainable communities and reduce health care costs.

Cardinal Stritch University, Ruth S. Coleman College of Nursing
Sharon Garrett
Project Interest Areas:  A health promotion initiative that would establish a community nursing center at the Agape Community Center to provide access to services that are not available to uninsured or underinsured members of this community.  The College of Nursing would like to collaborate with a partner having experience working with community-based partnerships and community members, having knowledge of health promotion practices, sensitivity to cultural differences, the ability to work on an interdisciplinary team, and able to integrate and implement the principles of education and practice, and a commitment to improving health of communities.


Career Youth Development, Inc.
Linston Young
Project Interest Areas:  Interested in developing and implementing a program targeting intentional and unintentional injuries for victims of homicide.  Would like to partner locally to focus on the growing number of homicides and victims of homicide within the inner city, working with the diverse ethnic population of this targeted community and intentional and unintentional injuries.


Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services
(formerly Children's Service Society of Wisconsin)
Has multiple locations throughout the state. For more information on locations.
Milwaukee office: 414.453.1400
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services is a private, not-for-profit agency serving children and families in Wisconsin since 1889. The mission of Community Services is to build, sustain and enhance a nurturing environment for Wisconsin children.  For more information about the programs offered and potential project interest areas, view their web page.


City of Milwaukee Health Department
Health Commissioner
Bevan K. Baker, CHE
Project Interest Areas:  Home-based services, school-based services, childcare, urban design, healthcare finance, housing, food industry, asthma, lead poisoning, HIV/AIDS and STDs, infant mortality, tobacco, obesity and sedentary behavior, communicable disease, vaccine-preventable disease, terrorism or toxic emergencies, access to primary and preventive health services, environmental and occupational health hazards, high risk sexual behavior, nutrition, intentional and unintentional injuries, substance abuse and addiction, tobacco use and exposure, children and adolescents, seniors, men, women, rural, racial and ethnic populations, uninsured, disabled, heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


City on a Hill
Diane De La Santos
2224 W. Kilbourn Ave
Project Interest Areas:  City on a Hill currently partners with many non-profit organizations and operates an after school center and other programs for children and youth.  Additionally, City on a Hill partners with MCW faculty and physicians to offer a free health clinic where they serve more than 1,000 people annually.  City on a Hill would be interested in partnering on projects involving prevention of drug & alcohol abuse among central city youth; or, involving the provision of medical care to an uninsured population.


Community Partnerships, Inc.
Scott S. Strong, Executive Director
608.250.6634 ext. 111
Project Interest Areas:  Mental health and mental disorders, social and economic factors that influence health, children and adolescents, racial and ethnic populations, stress related illness, community health improvement processes.


Comprehensive Health Education, Inc.
Carol J. Calvin
Project Interest Areas:  Currently implementing a peer education project among HIV positive African American adults to develop a cadre of peer educators who can move into leadership roles in agencies designed for prevention, early detection, care and treatment of HIV/AIDS.  The prevention of transmission of HIV by helping HIV positive persons to remain on their treatment regimens is another major goal of this project.  Improving their quality of life through better access to services is a third major goal.  Seeking to partner with a local or regional clinic which offers treatment, social services and case management to persons living with HIV/AIDS.  The partner should be interested in researching the effectiveness of peer education as a component of treatment services. 


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Danceworks, Inc.
Deborah Farris, Executive Director
Project Interest Areas:  Danceworks, Inc., is a nonprofit multidisciplinary arts organization committed to enhancing the joy, health and creativity of the community by taking art and arts learning beyond the studio and theatre and into the community by creating work that resonates with diverse groups of people. In partnership with Aurora Healthcare Adult Day Center (AADC), Milwaukee, Danceworks continues to grow one of its signature educational arts programs, Intergenerational Multi-Arts Project (IMAP). IMAP provides therapeutic arts interventions for elders, arts education sessions for students in the classrooms, and group movement and art-making sessions that directly unite elders and youth. IMAP focuses on low-income medically frail elders with physical and mental health conditions--including Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia--and pairs them with low-income, at-risk students in grades 3-6. By working together, dance, visual arts, storytelling and music help the students and elders to better understand each other. IMAP provides interventions that strengthen cognition, develop creativity, build self-esteem and create relationships that keep elders engaged in the community and youth engaged in school.
Additional Contacts:
Madeline Huston, Intergenerational Multi-Arts Project Director -
Elyse Cohn, Director of Development & Marketing -
Melissa Dineen, Director of Business and Finance -


Door County Public Health Department
Rhonda Kolberg
Project Interest Areas: The project would develop and implement a model beach health program, which could be utilized statewide, to prevent illness and maintain the health of swimmers at  beaches in Door and Kewaunee Counties. Project components would include developing a preventive approach to beach closings/advisories and developing an education and outreach initiative for the general public, and an education component targeting specific stakeholder groups such as kayakers, local environmental groups, elected officials, marina staff, and others. Specific skills that would be needed in an academic partner would be the knowledge and expertise to develop public information campaigns; plan and implement evaluation activities,including surveying the public; and development of outreach materials.

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Family Resource Center Fox Cities / Child Care Resource and Referral, Inc.
1165 Appleton Road, Menasha, WI
Lisa Smith, Program Manager
Project Interest Areas:  Serving children in a three-county area of Northeastern Wisconsin with technical assistance and resources for child care providers and parents; health education and on-site vision and hearing screenings; trainings and workshops; assistance in evaluation of health and safety policies; linking children and family members with community health resources; education for children, family members and child care providers about child development, mental and physical health, safety, nutrition and oral health issues.  Program would benefit from an expert in pediatric health with a focus on health promotion.


Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin
Gina Styer, Communications Manager
Project Interest Areas:  Focuses on the effects of food and diet on obesity and diabetes for low-income individuals, including increasing the nutrition education and assistance for individuals who are unable to purchase healthy foods on their own.  A local or regional partner who is knowledgeable in nutrition with an emphasis on obesity or diabetes and how they are affected by diet and proper foods would be appreciated.


Loree Cook-Daniels
Project Interest Areas:  We believe before an intervention process or focus can be designed, we need to do a comprehensive assessment of WI transgender people's health issues and access barriers; no such study exists. We work predominately with the transgender population, which includes all genders, races, ages, etc. We have partnered with many community groups and academic partners, but have not previously had a formal partnership with anyone from the medical college.

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Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center
1711 S 11th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Project Interest Areas:  Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center (GLIIHC) is expanding its' service model that is more comprehensive while utilizing its distinction as an Urban Indian Health Center under the direction of the Indian Health Service. GLIIHC seeks to expand its facility as a preceptor-site for primary care, and qualifies for National Health Service Corps and Loan repayment. GLIIHC has engaged in relationships with various educational institutions to research options of chronic disease prevention and management of Native American populations, while also increasing assess to quality health services.


Grand Avenue Club, Inc.
Rachel Forman, Ph.D.
Project Interest Areas:  The overarching goal of this project will be to create opportunities for the recovery and social integration for mentally ill adults.  This project, a Wellness Model for Mentally Ill Adults, will emphasize improved health outcomes for Milwaukee County adults who have experienced mental illness by establishing health and wellness goals involving nutrition, regular physical exercise, weight loss, the management of diabetes and access to regular primary care. It is anticipated that this program will have a motivational component to create a structure that will enable participants to reach their wellness goals.  The particular role for the academic partner will be to create a research protocol involving a control group and meaningful comparisons, and an on-site (at Grand Avenue Club) data collection system that will directly involve our members.  Grand Avenue Club is especially interested in a partner with strong interest in publishing the results of the project.
Additional Contact: 
Jerold Brenowitz, M.D.


Greater Milwaukee Free Clinic
West Allis
George Schneider
Project Interest Areas:  An all-volunteer and free clinic in West Allis that treats low income, working, uninsured people who do not qualify for any other type of care.  Perceive a need for increased, low-cost services to diabetics and hypertensives in the metro Milwaukee area. 


Hmong American Friendship Association, Inc. (HAFA)
Lo Neng Kiatoukaysy
Project Interest Area: The Hmong American Friendship Association, Inc. (HAFA) is seeking a partner to increase mutual understanding between the Hmong community and Western medical and public health providers regarding the need for—and potential benefits of—culturally sensitive hospice care. The benefits of hospice care, to both dying patients and their families, are not well understood within the Hmong community, and therefore, many Hmong people do not make use of hospice services.

Hmong Mutual Assistance Association of Sheboygan, Inc.
Project Interest Areas:  Expansion of a current health program that serves to expand the capacity of local healthcare providers to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare services to the Hmong and minority population in Sheboygan County, including education of the Hmong/minorities on healthcare issues and concerns to strengthen the relationship between clients and healthcare providers. 


Homewatch CareGivers of Milwaukee
Karen Balke
Project Interest Areas:  Access to primary and preventive health services, environmental and occupational health hazards, nutrition, social and economic factors that influence health, seniors, disabled, heart disease, cancer, stroke, intentional and unintentional injuries, dementia, community and health improvement processes, sufficient and competent workforce.


Hope House of South Central Wisconsin, Inc.
Beverly Simonds
Project Interest Areas:  Agency provides domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy and is looking for a regional partner to provide better screening tools and model health care policies and practices to connect women to services.  The partnership will focus on violence against women, the fears and health care screening tools available, and ideas for improved practices.  Service area includes Sauk, Columbia, Adams, Juneau, and Marquette Counties. 


Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee
Ken Barbeau
Project Interest Areas:  Agency provides housing to over 10,000 households in the city of Milwaukee through public housing, affordable housing, and rent assistance voucher programs. We have partnered for over 8 years with the Medical College's Center for Healthy Communities in a variety of public health programs designed to improve the quality of life and health of our residents. One example has been the successful Community Health Advocate program which trained residents in five public housing high-rises in health and leadership topics so that they could become peer advocates in the community.

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Images of Us Sports (IOU Sports)
Bernell Hooker
Project Interest Areas: Interested in developing and implementing a program targeting girls ages 8-18 on how asthma effects and is relevant to Nutrition; Overweight, obesity, Asthma; Social and economic factors that influence health; and lack of physical activity. We would like to partner locally to focus on the growing number of girls who are not physically active within the inner city, working with the diverse ethnic population of this targeted community and educate this population on the importance of physical activity to reduce asthma and obesity through sports.


Impact, Inc.
Duncan M. Shrout
Project Interest Areas:  Interested in implementing alcohol screening services to community-based medical settings such as primary care or public health clinics. Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral is a proven practice that is very effective at identifying patients who are using alcohol excessively. There are specific evidenced-based brief intervention practices that are effective at reducing moderate to high risk drinking behavior.


Interfaith Senior Programs
Kathy Gale
262.549.3348 ext. 2400
Project Interest Areas:  Interfaith Senior Programs is an established, nonprofit organization that brings an understanding of issues that face seniors and is interested in developing screening tools and training for a volunteer workforce that serves 1200 seniors and adults with disabilities each year.  Previous partnership experience involved collaboration with physicians specializing in geriatrics to identify early, undiagnosed dementia in seniors throughout Waukesha County.


International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
Julie Stich, Director of Research
Project Interest Areas:  Education for employer plan sponsors in the effective design, administration and communication of health benefit plans; education for health plan participants and beneficiaries in areas of wellness, prevention, disease management and healthy lifestyles; implementation and measurement of health plan interventions to improve health status of workers and reduce health plan costs.  Link to web site:


Islamic Family and Social Services, Inc.
Waheedah al-Amin
Project Interest Areas:  Refugee education on preventive healthcare; Healthy marriage and family support in the local or regional areas of Milwaukee. 

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Jewish Community Center (Harry & Rose Samson Family)
Harriet Rothman
Project Interest Areas:  The Jewish Community Center is a non profit 501c3 social recreational and wellness facility with infant/childcare, after school programs and transportation, senior programs, a food pantry, fitness and after school programs.  The JCC currently partners with a local hospital for physical therapy, with Children's Hospital for a camp for children with cancer and catastrophic illnesses.  We offer arthritis water aerobics, and a senior fitness and fun program.  We have an indoor and outdoor pool.  Camps include overnight and day camping and sports camps.  We would like to work with an expanse of population ages on programs to improve health, fitness, obesity, protection from cancer, stroke and special needs inclusion.  Bullying has also been a subject we are interested in developing partnerships to create programs and awareness.  We are a large community-based facility  with the ability to reach large numbers of people of all walks of life, children at all ages and a facility that includes classrooms, a pool, track, exercise machines and weight training, personal trainers, educators, dietician, fitness instructors and degreed professionals in education, fitness, kinesthetic, and social work.

Jewish Family Services
Sylvan Leabman
Project Interest Areas:  Providing case management to non English speakers to include access to medical care, including psychiatric services, transportation and advocacy and new resources to serve the non English speaking population.  This partnership would serve to link the Medical College to Jewish Family Services staff in a program to provide comprehensive medical and psychological services to non English speaking populations in the Milwaukee region.

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Kindcare, Inc.
Robert Glowacki
Project Interest Areas:  Kindcare, Inc. has assisted the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in training pediatric residents.  Kindcare has provided training on values and in understanding a family that is led by an individual with disabilities.  Kindcare would like to do outreach to families where the head of household has a disability and to service providers for individuals with disabilities.  Kindcare wants to create approaches that allow people with disabilities to access healthcare, programs that reduce their susceptibility to heart disease and other chronic conditions.  Kindcare has a well-trained staff that provides community services on a regular basis, including specialists working with families, mental health disorders and in recreational involvement.  Kindcare is looking to create a partnership that will assist in compiling research and guidelines for individuals with disabilities and their caregivers.


Knupp & Watson & Wallman (KW2)
Project Interest Areas:  Knupp & Watson specializes in social marketing, the planning and implementation of programs designed to bring about social change. For 19 years, Knupp & Watson has conducted public information and education campaigns using commercial marketing elements for local, state, regional and national non-profit and public sector clients.  Topics that have been addressed through social marketing and outreach include adoption; public health risks associated with open burning; anti-smoking; bio terrorism preparedness; child abuse; diabetes control; domestic violence and sexual assault; drug and alcohol risks during pregnancy; elder abuse; emergency medical services; health insurance for low-income families, people with disabilities, and the elderly; Hepatitis C; HIV/AIDS; injury prevention; lead poisoning; minority health; organ donation; prescription drugs for seniors; tobacco sales compliance; developmental disabilities, independent and assisted living; West Nile virus; women's health, breast cancer, osteoporosis.  Knupp & Watson hopes to be a resource for community or faculty partners looking to create public awareness and influence social behaviors that benefit their target audiences and society as a whole.  Link to web-site:

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La Casa de Esperanza
Lee Wipfli
Project Interest Areas:  Aligning agency projects with partners who may bring expertise in racial/ethnic disparities, implementation and development, communicable diseases and improved health models and policy as it relates to Latino populations. 


La Causa, Inc.
Project Interest Areas: The exploration of a network of Milwaukee area children and youth sports programs to proceed with an effective evaluation process of determining the role of activity in diminishing obesity and health related concerns.  Program could benefit from a partner with expertise in issues related to overweight and inactivity, social and economic factors that influence health, children and adolescents, sports medicine, and nutrition.


La Crosse Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association, Inc.
Project Interest Areas:  High risk sexual behavior, mental health and mental disorders, social and economic factors that influence health, tobacco use and exposure, children and adolescents, seniors, men, women, rural, urban, racial and ethnic populations, heart disease, cancer stroke, intentional and unintentional injuries, community health improvement processes, sufficient and competent workforce, public health leadership and policy.


Lakeview Medical Center
Project Interest Areas: Access to primary and preventive health services, women, death and disability, intentional and unintentional injuries, capacity building and systemic programs, Community health improvement processes. Looking to strengthen our SANE program in our community and to surrounding rural communities. Law enforcement, hospital SANE nurses, DA's coordinator for victim/witness, Barron County Domestic Abuse Program are collaborating to look at how the infrastructure of the program can be strengthen. We would be able to meet the needs for northwest Wisconsin with providing a program that is not in place in this particular region. 


Lao Family Community, Inc.
Project Interest Areas:  Elder/Senior care and health promotion; Access to primary and preventive health services; Community health improvement processes, primarily for Hmong and Lao refugees in the Greater Milwaukee area.  Participating partners should be interested in and respectful of Southeast Asian and multicultural issues.


Lawrence University
Mark R. Jenike
Project Interest Areas:  Biological and nutritional anthropologist interested in community nutrition research in the Fox Valley region..


Leed Child Enrichment Center
Lisa Lecher
Project Interest Areas: Providing low income parents and staff with access to affordable medical treatment. Preventing the onset of communicable diseases and sick care for our local schools and parents of Ozaukee County. An academic partner would give a great deal of research information to the facility. Assist in research of of communicable diseases. Give statistical information on the geographical area, i.e. low income households, health risks to communicable diseases, etc. 


Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee
Project Interest Areas:  Legal Aid Society helps victims of domestic violence, people who are HIV positive or people who are homeless with legal issues including unlawful evictions, predatory lending practices, and discrimination.  This project hopes to establish a relationship with a clinic serving low-income individuals of Milwaukee County.  Legal Aid Society would like to have office hours to provide free legal services to poor patients at the Downtown Health Center, the MCW/Westside HealthCare Project and the Saturday Clinic for the Uninsured. Ideally, an attorney from the Legal Aid Society would be in each of the clinics for a half day per week. A partner would advise about whether there might be a questionnaire that each patient would fill out prior to each visit, or if the attorney would simply be available to anyone in need of their time.


LUMIN: Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative
Joanie Kolton, Health Services Coordinator
Project Interest Areas:  LUMIN (Lutheran Urban Mission Initiative)is a faith-based ministry  started with the premise that many parochial school and parish systems within the urban community have missed the mark and in order to be effective, we need to be thinking outside the box of what educational processes and ministries have been done in the past. Funding is been sought to incorporate a multi-disciplinary health assessment at the beginning of the school year 2012; evaluating its direct impact on the educational process in a prek-8 school; and, implementing this model at the opening of the school year 2013.  Current collaborations include Concordia Nursing and Social Services Departments addressing utilization of the OT/PT, Nursing, Social work programs and a dentist who will also be involved. Concordia University Education program is very involved in the development of a culturally relevant curriculum for our program and will provide assistance for this grant in the development of an assessment tool of health impact in the classroom. Currently seeking an MCW partner or partner group who would assist in organizing opportunities for medical students to participate in health fair or student health assessments in medically underserved urban areas in Milwaukee and to round out the services and assessment capabilities.  The partner would be interested in inter-disciplinary healthcare opportunities in conducting assessments. This may also include health education, addressing health concerns indigenous to various community populations and cultures.

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Mahala's Hope, Inc.
Sandy Hardie
Project Interest Areas: Mahala’s Hope encompasses a multiphase plan culminating in operation of a residential AODA treatment facility focusing on women ages 14-24 and their children. We are ready to implement Phase 1, the day treatment component. We seek partnerships with medical professionals, open to alternative treatment approaches, who are interested in young female addicts and alcoholics and fetal alcohol syndrome, and willing to help with trial design. While many of our approaches have been tested separately, no one has combined them to see the impact of synergy in the recovery process. Some components include equine assisted therapy, nutritional support, yoga, and visual arts. With emphasis on treating the whole person, a trauma-trained therapist can assist with sexual or domestic abuse issues while all staff deal with substance abuse.


Madison Department of Public Health
Project Interest Areas:  Will need expertise in 1) training community residents to help perform community assessments, 2) develop methodology for health status assessment for neighborhoods, both for information and for evaluation purposes and 3) help in data analysis in at least five communities with disparities in health status. 


Manitowoc County Human Services Dept.
Nancy Randolph
Project Interest Area: To create a community based facility to assist persons with mental health diagnoses in Manitowoc County. The primary emphasis of the program is to develop a collaborative relationship between participants, staff and community that encourages participants to choose, pursue and achieve quality of life goals. The goals would be in the areas of housing, finances, social, education, employment, substance abuse and medical care. We will utilize existing programs such as The Village Integrated Services, Yahara House, and Grand Avenue Club as models. Currently seeking an academic partner with interest and expertise in the mental health community and health related issues and familiarity with the mentioned programs and /or the Wisconsin PACT (Program of Assertive Community Treatment) program to provide support, understanding of various systems and make recommendations for creating a better mental health system for our community.
Additional Contacts
June Schulz, MCHSD, 920-683-4989,
Linae Haefele, MCHSD, 920-683-4275,


Milwaukee Christian Center
Jennifer Evans
414.645.5350 ext. 109
Project Interest Areas:  The bilingual staff at MCC provides nutrition services, educational programs, crisis intervention and case management services to seniors who are Southeast Asian refugees. MCC would like to research the needs of this demographic, plan and develop
culturally competent educational resources, facilitate access to mental health services, and provide on-site support services.  Partners with expertise in mental health issues of the aged and/or refugee populations, and an interest in working with ethnic minorities can assist MCC staff in planning, developing, and evaluating appropriate tools for serving this community.


Milwaukee County Department on Aging
Chet Kuzminski
Project Interest Areas:  Are interested in partnering on any community-based health, wellness and prevention initiatives focused on older adults.  Will support research efforts that include programs and activities that benefit the senior population.  Partner role:  directing research and evaluation; program planning support; professional expertise in focus area; opportunities for faculty to conduct applied research on elders in the community.


Milwaukee Public Theatre
Project Interest Areas:  Milwaukee Public Theatre has programs (performances, workshops and arts residencies) that deal with health issues in areas of ATODA, STD's, violence, mental illness, Alzheimer's Disease/dementia and disability.  Partnerships would focus on: 1) Interactive Theatre performance workshops that deal with health issues vital to youth in the Milwaukee community, such as ATODA, gun violence and STD's; 2) Exciting and innovative curriculum for caregivers of people with Alzheimer's Disease/dementia--"In the Moment"; 3) Cooperation with Transitional Living Services to develop a touring production with people with mental illness to help dispel fear and stereotypes.  A partner would ideally provide the program with expertise in researching, reviewing and evaluating our scripts and performance material.


Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation (MTEF) 
Jay Massart
Project Interest Areas: Our goal is to develop our "TEAM" Program into a delivery and instruction vehicle concerning health, nutrition, and fitness for underprivileged youth in central city Milwaukee. TEAM currently runs year round at 5 sites in Milwaukee and has over 3,000 children participating in its tennis, academic tutoring, and life skills curriculum.


Milwaukee Urban Gardens, Inc.
Project Interest Areas:  Milwaukee Urban Gardens is interested in forming a partnership to focus on the physical and spiritual impacts of gardens and green space and their effects on positively impacting the quality of life for individuals, including valuable access to healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables as well as physical activity for all ages. 


Milwaukee Urban League
Project Interest Areas:  Community-based expertise that provides resource referrals, direction, and information to residents in need of access to medical professionals, social workers, and advice and counsel on HIV/AIDS.  Program will focus on African American heterosexual women and teens engaged in or exposed to high-risk sexual behavior.  Partner would provide technical assistance and feedback in planning and program design, resulting in the development of a curriculum that guides training of health advocates. 

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National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
Mary Madden
Project Interest Areas:  Mental health and mental disorders, Persons with mental illness and their families, Suicide prevention, Community health improvement processes, Local public education about mental illness and the resources available for individuals and families affected by it.


New Hope Baptist Church / Triangle of Hope LLC
Esther Hubbard
Project Interest Areas:  Serving racial and ethnic populations to address: infant mortality, cancer, HIV, health literacy, public health capacity and quality, public health leadership and policy, and chronic disease prevention and management.

Oneida County Health Department
Linda Conlon
Project Interest Areas:  To plan and implement a three-county initiative to increase physical activity and improve nutrition. 


{C}{C}Parents Plus
Suzy Rodriguez
Project Interest Areas: Parents Plus is interested in developing a project that would cultivate a comprehensive system of screenings for infants/children (prenatal to age 5) and their mothers. Screenings would include health, developmental, social/emotional, hearing, vision, and oral health for children. Additionally, mothers would be screened with perinatal depression inventories.


Prevent Child Abuse Waupaca
Marilyn Herman
Project Interest Areas: "Prevent Child Abuse Waupaca" has expanded its Family Resource Center facility and available hours to the public. We are looking toward a partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin to improve our community outreach; partnering with other local and state initiatives to build capacity and pilot testing new program delivery models or curriculum that address child abuse issues and community attitudes toward child abuse in a rural setting.


ProHealth Care Community Outreach Department
Jean Pirkey
Project Interest Areas:  ProHealth Care Community Outreach aims to improve chronic disease prevention and management by increasing access to quality health services and utilizing collaborative partnership for health improvement.  They have a special interest in working in urban populations with racial and ethnic populations, seniors, and the uninsured.


Quality Healthcare Options, Inc.
7425 Harwood Avenue, Wauwatosa WI 53213
Project Interest Areas:  Providing health and wellness classes for low-income populations in the Milwaukee area.  Healthcare training of CNAs, PCWs, CBRF and CPR; working with W2 populations.

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Spanish Center of Southeastern Wisconsin
Project Interest Areas:  The proposal will cover a tri-county area, Racine, Kenosha and Walworth Counties. Partners will assist in the overall interpretation and analysis of information and data gathered as to pre and postnatal care in the Latino community and access to health care. Project role will entail the referral process of potential participants into the prenatal care and access to health care project. Partners will provide screenings and evaluations of participants and evaluate effectiveness of an overall network of participating agencies and organizations.


St. Catherine Residence
Lynne J. Oehlke
Project Interest Areas:  Providing women's health information and promoting healthy behaviors for local women, especially women with behavioral and other health challenges. St. Catherine Residence would like to partner with a nutritionist and expert in models of healthy lifestyles to design and implement a health, wellness, nutrition program for women - many of whom have a diagnosed mental illness for which they take medications.


T.E. Brennan Company
Arvid R. "Dick" Tillmar
Project Interest Areas:  T.E Brennan Company, has had over the years numerous assignments/relationships with the Medical College risk management and employee benefit programs, also working closely with Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital providing the same expertise over the years. This firm has been active in the community as is interested in healthier Wisconsin citizens although our focus/expertise has been with employers for sponsored incentive programs to motivate employees to take action/responsibility for better personal health.  T.E. Brennan Company is currently a consultant to the Medical College and Froedtert on their proposed "Lifestyle" benefit program for employees, working in conjunction with Dr. Rich Lofgren and Dr. David Severance as well as others associated with the Lifestyle program.

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United Community Center
Jacqueline Harcourt
Project Interest Areas: UCC proposes to create a state of the art research, diagnostic and services facility for Latinos with dementia-related disorders. Little research is available on the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's among Latinos. The research and treatment opportunities provided through this program can be replicated and implemented nationally.  Continued growth in the Latino community will result in an increasingly aging population requiring culturally competent service providers.  UCC is best equipped to implement this project because the model already exists in the organization.  This program offers many opportunities for collaborative efforts and partnerships between public and private entities.  Latinos now make up the largest minority population in the United States.  With this growth, disparities between Hispanics, and other minority groups and Caucasians has become more prevalent.  Culture, language, education, income and bias all play a role in causes for the disparities.  To address this issue, UCC proposes to lead the effort to bring about systemic change that will help to shape the research, education and delivery of services that affects the Latino population as it pertains to the elderly, particularly those identified with neurological disorders.  We propose the development of the Latino Geriatric Center.


United Refugee Services of Wisconsin
2132 Fordem Avenue, Madison
Project Interest Areas:  United Refugee Services of WI, the primary agency for the local Hmong, Lao and Cambodian refugee and immigrant population in Dane County has bilingual, bicultural staff who regularly assist clients in accessing local providers, especially health care. URSW is currently convening local health care providers to review health education outreach activities to this population, and planning to undertake a health needs' assessment during the summer, funded through the WI Dept. of Health and Family Services/Minority Health office. Its purpose is to develop bilingual and culturally appropriate health education and prevention information to the community URSW has been serving for 20 years now.  URSW would like to develop and implement bilingual/culturally appropriate health education and prevention programming for local Hmong, Lao and Cambodian refugee and immigrant populations, and take a lead role in sharing these with other similar Hmong/Lao and Cambodian support agencies across Wisconsin.  United Refugee Services staff has well established connections with the local and statewide Hmong, Lao and Cambodian refugee and immigrant population. Its bilingual, bicultural staff regularly assists with interpretation support and case management support for clients accessing area medical services and URSW has offered some health related education services to adults, youth and seniors. It can open doors to the community and needs skilled/qualified health educators to collaborate to provide health education information to this population.


United Way Fox Cities
Karen Johnston
1455 Midway Road, Menasha, WI 54952
Project Interest Areas: United Way Fox Cities has been involved in partnerships with its community impact work to increase access to mental health services in the Fox Cities region.  One way of doing this has been by offering school-based mental health services in collaboration with regional school districts.  United Way Fox Cities is exploring options to be able to continue and expand services offered.


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Dr. Janis T. Eells - BioMedical Sciences Program
Project Interest Areas:  Photobiomodulation in the treatment of retinal injury and disease, in collaboration with Dr. Harry T. Whelan (Neurology) and Dr. Margaret Wong-Riley (Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy).


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Health Sciences
Timothy B. Patrick, PhD
Project Interest Areas: 
I would like to develop a Wisconsin MedlinePlus GoLocal project. The MedlinePlus GoLocal projects are intended to improve access to health information for the general public in a meaningful way. The GoLocal projects link healthcare information in MedlinePlus to location and accessibility information about services providers in the local community. An academic partner for the Wisconsin MedlinePlus GoLocal project would be a faculty member interested in consumer health informatics, or a faculty member interested in increasing the lay public's access to healthcare by improving their access to healthcare information.


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Department of Multicultural Affairs
Dr. Gary L. Williams
Project Interest Areas:  Program would be enhanced by a partner able to collect longitudinal data to track progress on addressing health disparities by race and ethnicity, evaluate data and make recommendations for addressing disparities focusing on multicultural health issues, and assist in the research component while UWM provides technical assistance and grant-writing.


University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Center for Career Development and Employability Training
Susan Morrison, Outreach Program Manager
Project Interest Areas:  U.W. Oshkosh’s Center for Career Development and Employability Training (CCDET) offers customized and cost effective services to local, state and federal organizations. Recognized as a strategic and innovative partner for more than three decades, CCDET offers services in the following four key areas: 1) Training, 2) Quality Assurance, 3) Case Management and 4) Project Management. Our staff members are highly trained and experienced professionals with expertise in a broad array of subjects. CCDET would like to partner with faculty using its service area expertise to implement a carefully crafted program design. We have significant experience developing curriculum and providing training related to an array of occupational health and public assistance programs - both in-person and online, full service administration of Pathlore - a robust Learning Management System, as well as training, curriculum development and registry services for Wisconsin’s Community Based Residential Facilities project
CCDET is willing to work in any location and with any population addressing any of the following health risks: access to high quality health services; collaborative partnerships for community health improvement; diverse, sufficient and competent work forces that promotes and protects health; health literacy; and public health capacity and quality.


Viterbo University
Bobbie Wilson

Project Interest Areas: Viterbo University School of Nursing currently partners with La Crosse County and with the La Crosse Salvation Army to provide screening and prevention services to the homeless and the uninsured. We seek to expand services to, and partner with, the health departments of three contiguous counties in rural western Wisconsin. Emphasis will be on access to care, education/prevention services, and best practices in self-management of chronic disease. We seek a partner with expertise in some or all of these: public health, prevention strategies, chronic disease self-management, program quality assurance and assessment, program replication & dissemination.


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West CAP
Project Interest Areas: West CAP offers a range of community-based programs and services for low income families and communities in west central Wisconsin. Our Family Table project will develop, implement and evaluate a pilot for a shared meal preparation program that will increase access to healthy and nutritious foods for low income families. To the degree possible, the project will connect with local food producers. The project will borrow elements from the successful "meal preparation" businesses that serve busy people who want to use batch processing to prepare higher quality meals for home use. The project will provide clear economic incentives to participating families, as well as a social opportunity to learn about the importance of good nutrition and family meal times as a positive influence on healthy behaviors and attitudes. A range of community partners will assist the project


Western Racine County Health Department
Cheryl Mazmanian
Project Interest Areas:  Access to primary and preventive health services; Communicable diseases; Environmental and occupational health hazards; High risk sexual behavior; Intentional and unintentional injuries; Mental health and mental disorders; Nutrition; Overweight, obesity, and lack of physical activity; Social and economic factors that influence health; Substance abuse and addiction; Tobacco use and exposure; Children and adolescents; Seniors; Men; Women; Rural; Urban; Racial and ethnic populations; Uninsured; Disabled; Heart disease; Cancer; Stroke; Intentional and unintentional injuries; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Community health improvement processes; Sufficient and competent workforce; Public health leadership and policy; Statewide, regional and local areas.


Wisconsin Abstinence Coalition
Sally Ladky
Project Interest Areas: We plan to introduce the Quinceañera Mentoring Program for girls, 11-15, and their parents. Created using a strong theoretical framework, the program respects the Hispanic culture and values, strengthens protective factors for high risk sexual behavior, and acclimates families to American culture as they mentor teens to become responsible, healthy, educated women active in their communities. Unwed pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention are major health issues addressed. An academic partner would provide medical expertise in the area of female reproduction, STI, and HIV, be supportive of researching the impact of the abstinence until marriage approach as a primary prevention, and interested in a program which involves the family in teen mentoring as a protective factor for high risk sexual behavior. The academic partner would also work with us to develop ways to generate support among medical personnel serving the state's Hispanic community which could involve Cessation model training.


Wisconsin Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, Inc.
James H. Schultz
Project Interest Areas: WisCOSH, Inc. is currently working on a grant with the Department of Public Health to produce training materials for community and faith-based outreach organizations. The materials produced would be available nation-wide from the Internet and customizable by each organization to fit the particular hazards faced by the workers at each work site. WisCOSH is seeking a partnership with an academic partner with the ability to perform research and provide information as to the range and seriousness of workplace injury and occupational illness in Wisconsin's geographically and economically different regions along with a breakdown on differing languages spoke in these areas so as to identify any needed translation of materials to increase propagation of information among ethnic minorities.


Wisconsin Community Services, Inc.
Stephen B. Swigart
Project Interest Areas:  One program idea that is being pursued is an on-site medical services office at the WCS outpatient mental health clinic for 385 chronically mentally ill.  This would include nurses & doctors to work with on-site case managers, pharmacy and psychiatrists who serve a low-income, urban population.  A second program idea is to work with the WCS outpatient community-based AODA center with a multi-level approach including services and/or research, possibly even a methadone lab, which WCS already operates.  WCS would like to partner with a General Practitioner who has interest in providing basic medical care for low-income, chronically mentally ill to work closely with WCS clinical psychiatrists for holistic treatment and/or an addictionologist or someone with an interest in addictions to explore experimental medical interventions and patterns of addictions.


Wisconsin Farm Center, WI DATCP
Project Interest Areas:  Wisconsin has operated a behavioral health service program focused on the farm population since 1999.  The program offers services in the form of mental health counseling vouchers; training for farm families in recognizing signs of stress, accessing local resources, and improving family communication; training for professionals in farm culture, recognizing signs of stress in farmers, and making referrals, and farm family communication.  The program would like to work toward integrating mental health into the primary care setting in rural areas and addressing the needs of farmers and other rural residents who either are uninsured or have such high deductibles and co-pays that they would not be seeking mental health services.  This program would be enhanced by a partner who can work with a group toward consensus decision making and is actively engaged in the process of designing the project and providing and evaluation component to the project.


Worksite Health Services, Inc.
Marion R. Walton
Project Interest Areas:  Empowering home health care workers to recognize and control hazards to self and their clients to prevent injury, illness, and premature death.  Training long-term care managers and workers to recognize and control environmental respirable bio-hazards to prevent acute and chronic lung disease and premature death. (e.g., Tb, SARs, pneumonia, influenza).  Fall prevention in the home and in the workplace.  Partnership should be based upon a shared passion for empowering others with health and safety information and training that positively changes or saves lives.

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