Healthier WI Partnership Program

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Partner Eligibility

At least one community partner and one Medical College of Wisconsin partner must jointly apply as a partnership. Multi-sector and / or multiple partnerships are encouraged.  Community partners and Medical College of Wisconsin partners may be involved in more than one partnership and may apply with different partners for different projects.

Eligible community partners are broadly defined to be inclusive of Wisconsin-based statewide, regional and local organizations. Community partners must be non-profit or government organizations. Contact HWPP for additional information. Individuals may not apply.

Eligible MCW academic partners are considered the project’s Principal Investigator (PI) who will be responsible for the MCW administrative oversight of the project as well as a range of activities dependent on the project design and partnership structure. Contact HWPP for additional information.

Partnerships can be in varying stages of development ranging from newly formed partnerships to well-established partnerships.  Each partnership will be required to provide clear evidence of shared roles, mutual responsibility and benefit and commitment to the process of partnership development as part of the project.
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