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This service will be retired on January 9, 2015. MCW users should use for their file sharing needs. 


How to access Fileupload:

  1. website:

What is FileUpload?

  1. Fileupload is a web tool that enables users to send large files through email - up to 150 Mb
  2. The program allows you to select a file on your computer and upload it to an MCW server.  At that point, the program will generate an email to the sender and receiver of the request with a link to the location of the file on the MCW server.
  3. Anyone wishing to access the file can download it by clicking on the link.  If more people need access to the file, feel free to forward the link to them.
  4. For security and maintenance purposes, the file will be automatically removed from the server 24 hours later.
Who can access Fileupload?
  1. Anyone sending files to an address
  2. A user with an address sending files to anyone else
    • Sending files to outside users requires the sender to verify they are an MCW user by logging in with their email username and password.
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