Injury Research Center

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Injury Research Center Data

The IRC at MCW serves Region V (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio), which has over 51 million people (17% of our nation's population).

Regional Facts
In 2007, residents of Region V experienced over 20,000 injury deaths from unintentional causes (motor vehicles, bicycles, fires, poisonings and falls), 2,900 homicides, and 5,600 suicides.  The unintentional poisoning rate more than doubled from 2001 to 2007 (4.38 to 9.46 per 100,000 population).

National Facts
Together, intentional and unintentional injuries account for more deaths of Americans ages 1-24 than all other causes of death combined.

Each year approximately 170,000 Americans die from an injury and over 2 million are hospitalized for their injuries. Many of those who are hospitalized suffer from permanent disabilities.

Wisconsin Facts
Over 3,400 Wisconsin residents die of injuries each year.

Falls and motor vehicle crashes are the most common cause of unintentional injury death and hospitalization in Wisconsin.

Unintentional injury is the leading cause of death among kids (age 1-17 years) and young adults (age 18-34 years).

Firearms are the most common cause of intentional injury in Wisconsin, accounting for a majority of both homicides and suicides.
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