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Research Project Profile

VI) Injury Fatalities of U.S. International Travelers


Title: Injury Fatalities of U.S. International Travelers
Project Director: Halim Hennes, MD, MS
Project Co-directors: Leslie M. Cortes MHS
  Stephen W. Hargarten, MD, MPH
Institutions: Medical College of Wisconsin
Categorization I: Prevention
Categorization II: Medium Project
Categorization III: New
Cost / Year: $20,000 / year
Duration: Three Years
Key Words: injuries, international injury, travel, travel medicine, surveillance, injury prevention, injury control and international health
Long term Objectives and Specific Aims:
The first objective and specific aim of this study is to quantify and examine patterns of regional and country specific injury deaths among travelers controlling for age, economic development of destination country and duration of stay in destination country. This will be achieved by 1) collecting available years of data from the U.S. State Department Passport Office, 2) examining and linking appropriate international travel denominator sources, 3) calculating injury-mortality rates by cause, region, country and level of economic development, 4) performing age and gender adjustment and 5) assessing how economic development affects traveler's injury mortality rates. The second objective and aim of this study will examine how risk is associated with travel exposure by comparing traveler injury mortality rates with those of US Citizens residing in the US and those of residents of travelers' region or country of destination.

Research Design and Methods:
This will be the first longitudinal analysis, which examines trends of U.S. international travelers due to injury. This type of analysis will have several advantages, such as, increased power, identification of emerging patterns, and an ability to undertake a more detailed analysis of risk factors. Death reports from the US Passport Office will be utilized for data abstraction of the reports filed by US counselor Officers around the world for years 1998, 2000, 2002. Two main hypotheses will be tested. Proportionate mortality rations will be applied to measure the risk from injury fatality to U.S. travelers versus the risk of injury mortality to residents of the destination country.
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