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The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Libraries consists of the central Todd Wehr Library, located in the Health Research Center, and branch libraries at Froedtert Hospital and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. All of the libraries are located on the same campus, the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC), and they are accessible through skywalks.

The MCW Libraries serves as the primary provider of information services for the more than 10,000 MCW faculty, residents, students, staff of MCW, and hospital employees of Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital.

MCW Libraries also provides information services/health care information to patients and their families.

While our primary users are faculty, staff and students of MCW, Froedtert, and Children's, all three libraries are open to anyone. (Some restrictions apply to employees of for-profit institutions such as law firms, pharmaceuticals, etc.) For more information, contact the library at (414) 955-8302.

During a typical academic year, over 400,000 people enter and use the resources at MCW.

As a designated "Resource Library" within the Regional Medical Library program (a 10-State library network operating under the auspices of the National Library of Medicine), the MCW Libraries are also responsible for providing medical information services to the 5.5 million people of Wisconsin.

Patron Code of Conduct

This policy is designed to preserve the MCW Libraries (Todd Wehr, Children’s and Froedtert) as places for research, learning and quiet study. All user (patron) conduct that disrupts the use of the library facilities, collections or services is defined as unacceptable and is prohibited. Users are urged to report disruptive behavior immediately to staff so that appropriate steps can be taken. Examples of disruptive or unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  1. Mutilation or destruction of Library buildings, materials or equipment. 
  2. Engaging in loud conversation or rowdy behavior. 
  3. Arguing with library employees or using abusive, threatening, or offensive language toward other library users or library employees. 
  4. Following staff or other users around the library or staring at staff or other users such that they are made to feel uncomfortable or threatened. 
  5. Not allowing staff to search possessions when the security gate alarm has been activated upon exit. 
  6. Non-compliance with the acceptable use policy of Library computers. The acceptable use policy is posted in the Todd Wehr Library Microlab, as wallpaper on each public computer, at appropriate points at the entrance to the libraries and on the Library’s web page. 
  7. Remaining in the Todd Wehr Library after closing or refusing to leave when staff announce the library is closing. 
  8. Refusing to show proper ID when requested. 
  9. Opening emergency exits except in an emergency situation. 
  10. Accessing without authorization or altering or damaging any computer system network program or data. 
  11. The conduct of children under 18 years of age while they are in the Library is the responsibility of their parents/legal guardians. Children under the age of thirteen must not be left unattended in the library.

Any patron who commits or attempts to commit any of the disturbances listed above –or anything construed to be a disturbance – or other behaviors illegal under the laws of the state or federal government is subject to sanctions, including: 

  • Being asked to leave the library 
  • Being reported to MCW Security or Children’s or Froedtert Security for incidents that occur in those hospitals

Offenders are subject to loss of all library privileges including using the library premises.

MCW Libraries Mission Statement

Empowering MCW missions in the discovery of knowledge to improve health and advance science. We do this by linking to high quality information resources and supporting learning opportunities in order to position the MCW community to be leaders in their fields.

MCW Libraries. Link. Learn. Lead.

CTSI Partners

The Clinical & Translational Science Institute of Southeastern Wisconsin represents a partnership of 8 institutions dedicated to translating research into better patient care and community health education.  To support the goals of this partnership, the libraries at the different institutions have developed relationships that allow individuals at each institution to access the resources available at any of the libraries.

The Libraries of Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee provide access to their print collections and services for each other's academic communities through the Cooperative Access Program (CAP). The Medical College of Wisconsin and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) have a similar agreement and allow borrowing of materials by students and faculty of each respective institution. Each library issues borrowing privileges with a valid photo ID from the parent institution.

The links below provide basic information on how to access these libraries. Individuals are encouraged to contact specific libraries directly, visit their electronic catalogs, or check their web sites for further information.

The Libraries are exploring additional ways to manage decisions about electronic collections to serve you better. We expect to build on this initial effort, and we welcome your suggestions for improvements and closer cooperation.

How to Access Libraries:

Marquette University Logo
Marquette University

MCW Libraries Logo 
Medical College of Wisconsin


MSOE Logo   
Milwaukee School of Engineering

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University of WI-Milwaukee


Library Committee 2014-2015

The primary function of the Library Committee is to serve as a liaison between the Library staff, MCW Administration, and the faculty of the Medical College. The Committee advises on budget development and implementation, library policies, library computer services, promotion of library use to faculty, and development and implementation of changes in library services. The Committee meets every two months.


Dorothy Cheung, MD, Pediatrics Allergy (2017)
Jonathan Rubin, MD, Emergency Medicine (2015)
Hariharan Shankar, MD, Anesthesiology (2017)
Angela Stanley, PhD, Pediatrics/Adolescent Med (2016)
Jennifer Strande, MD, PhD, Medicine (2015) (chair)
Li-Shu Wang, PhD, Medicine/Hematology and Oncology (2017)

Dean's appointees:

Panna Codner, MD, Surgery (2015)
Ranjan Dash, PhD, Physiology (2017)
Frederick Freitag, DO, Neurology (2017)
Milan Joksimovic, PhD, Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy (2016)
Young Oh, MD, Gastroenterology (2017)

Medical Student Representatives:

TBD (M1)
Katie Cohen (M2)
Chelsea Sprick (M3)
Danny Knabel (M4)


Graduate School Representatives:

Richard Armstrong
Katie Dixon

Staff Support:

Mary Blackwelder, MCW Libraries
Karen Hanus, MCW Libraries
Claire Wenzel, MCW Libraries

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Library Locations

Locations for the three branches of the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries.


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Gifts & donations to the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries will be used to acquire information resources that benefit the people – faculty, staff, students, patients, their families and members of the public - that the library serves.

MCW Libraries Service Points

As a designated Resource Library for the National Library of Medicine, the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries provides resources for physicians, scientists, students and the general public throughout Wisconsin, the nation and the world.

MCW Libraries Site Map

MCW Libraries Site Map is a listing of links to all library web pages.

Medical Humanities Program

The MCW Medical Humanities Program is dedicated to education in the medical humanities - literature, medical history, the visual and performing arts and the social sciences - to further the goals of medicine, including professionalism, communication, empathy and reflection.


Nation Service Points

MCW Libraries has provided information resources to researchers, physicians, students, and the general public in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico and Washington DC representing 1,188 distinct institutions.


Special Collections

Special collections of the Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries.

Staff Directory

Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries Staff Directory


Wisconsin Service Points

MCW Libraries has provided information resources to researchers, physicians, students, and the general public in 31 counties in the state of Wisconsin for a total of 506 separate individuals or institutions (these service contacts do not include services provided to MCW faculty, staff, and students or Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital Allied Health Professionals on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Campus).

World Service Points

MCW Libraries has provided information resources to researchers, physicians, and students in fifteen countries representing 65 distinct institutions.

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Library Locations

The Todd Wehr Library is located on the third floor of the Medical Education Building at 8701 Watertown Plank Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53226. (414) 955-8302 (414) 955-6532 (fax)

The Froedtert Hospital Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Froedtert Specialty Clinics Building at 9200 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI. 53226. (414) 805-4311 (414) 805-4313 (fax)

The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Skywalk Library is located on the second floor of the Children's Clinics Building, (Room 280) just north of the Coffee Cabana on the Skywalk at 9000 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI. 53226. (414) 266-2340

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