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Directions to Children's Hospital Skywalk Library from Todd Wehr Library


Exit the Todd Wehr Library via the front or side door and turn right.  Follow the hallway to your right  It will take a few turns, but just keep going down that same hallway toward the MACC Fund Research Center.  (If you exit via the rear door, turn left.  Follow the hallway keeping the library on your left.  Turn left when you come to the connector for the MACC Fund Research Center.)  Walk all the way through the MACC Fund Research Center.  The exit from the MACC Fund building ends at the Children’s Hospital Skywalk in the Children’s Clinics Building. Do not turn left or right; cross the skywalk hall and continue past the Coffee Cabana. The entrance to the Skywalk Library will be on your right just past the Automated Teller Machine. The frosted glass door has a “bubbles” pattern.

Directions to Todd Wehr Library from Children´s Hospital Skywalk Library

As you exit the Skywalk Library turn left. Cross the Skywalk in front of the Coffee Cabana and walk straight through the doors at the entrance to MACC Fund Research Center. Walk through the MACC Fund Research Center. Continue walking straight ahead and down the hallway. (You'll see the library through the windows on your left.) Follow the hallway to the Todd Wehr Library front entrance (on your left when you reach the atrium area).
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