Directions to Froedtert Hospital Library from Todd Wehr Library

Exit the Todd Wehr Library via the front or side door and turn right.  Follow the hallway to your right.  It will take a few turns, but just keep going down that same hallway toward the MACC Fund Research Center.  (If you exit via the rear door, turn left.  Follow the hallway keeping the library on your left.  Turn right when you come to the connector for the MACC Fund Research Center.)  Walk all the way through the MACC Fund Research Center.  The exit from the MACC Fund building ends at the Children’s Hospital Skywalk in the Children’s Clinics Building.  Turn left and take the skywalk to Children's Hospital.  Take the elevators or stairs down to the lower level.  Follow the basement level hallway all the way through Children's Hospital (toward the Dining Room).  You will pass Children's Hospital Dining Room and come to a hallway with directional signs for Froedtert Hospital.

Turn left.  Down the hall and to your right will be a set of elevators marked "H."  Take the H elevator to the second floor.  Exit the elevator and turn left.  Continue down the hallway passing the sign to Nuclear Medicine.  At the sign for "CT Scan/Radiology"  turn left.  Continue down the hallway.  The library is on your right at the end of the hallway.  The library is Room 2920.

Directions to Todd Wehr Library from Froedtert Hospital Library

Exit the Froedtert Hospital Library and turn left.  At the end of the hallway, turn right and follow the signs to the H elevators.  Take the H elevator to LL.  Walk into the hallway (forward and to your right) and  follow the signs to Children's Hospital.

Continue down the hallway until you see a hallway on your right (overhead sign points to Children's Hospital).  Take this hallway into Children's Hospital.  (When you enter Children's Hospital you will be on the lower level.)  Take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor.  Follow the signs directing you to the skywalk.  Walk through the skywalk.

At the Coffee Cabana, you will see a sign pointing you to "MCW MACC Fund Building."  Turn right and walk through the MACC Fund Research Center.  Continue walking straight ahead and down the hallway. (You'll see the library through the windows on your left.) Follow the hallway to the Todd Wehr Library front entrance (on your left when you reach the atrium area).

Directions to Froedtert Hospital Library from Off-Campus

The Froedtert Hospital Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Froedtert Specialty Clinics Building at 9200 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee WI 53226.   The Froedtert Library and Dynacare & Community Health Resource Center is located near the skywalk to parking structure 3.  Library hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Evening, weekend and holiday access is available to individuals who have a valid Froedtert ID badge.  Tel. (414) 805-4311. FAX (414) 805-4313.

Directions to the Froedtert Hospital Library from remote locations
(The library's full name is listed as "Community Health Resource Center - Froedtert and Dynacare" in the Wayfinding Tool available from this page.)

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