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Consumer Health - Accessing Reliable Trusted Sources             


Are you looking on the World Wide Web for quality consumer health information?

The Web can be an excellent resource for consumer health information, but finding correct, up-to-date facts online isn't always easy. Along with many excellent Web sites, there are several poor ones. The MCWCHARTS Web site can help. We've put together a list of some of the best consumer health Web sites on the Internet. These sites cover a wide variety of health-related issues. Click on the 'Selected Health Web Sites' button to see the list.

Go to Selected Health Web Sites

We've also put together a list of links to help you find information on some community health resources in Wisconsin and Milwaukee County. Click on the green button to go to the list of community health resources.

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To learn more using the MCWCHARTS Web site, you may want to watch our short video. You must have the free Flash Software to view this. 

As you explore the Web, you'll locate some Web sites not on our list of selected sites. The table below will help guide you as you evaluate other online resources that you find. Remember, even the highest quality Web sites cannot replace regular medical care.



 How to evaluate consumer health Web sites 


Choose reliable, accurate, up-to-date site




Avoid unreliable, inaccurate, outdated sites.

Look for sites that inform and are sponsored by an educational, health, or governmental organization. (These sites will have .edu, .org, or .gov at the end of the Web address.)

Avoid sites that try to sell you something or that are political in nature. Consider possible conflicts of interest. (Commercial sites end in .com, and many political sites end in .org.)

Look for Web sites written or reviewed by doctors or other medical professionals. Check to see if their qualifications are listed.

Avoid sites not written by doctors or other medical professionals. If the site claims to be written or reviewed by people in the medical field, look for proof.

Look for sites with current information. There should be a date listed when the site was created or last updated.

Avoid sites that contain outdated information. Also, do not use a site if there is no date included.

Look for sites written in clear, understandable language. Use sites that are targeted to health consumers.

Avoid sites containing technical language, which can be confusing. Avoid sites not targeted to health consumers.

Look for stable sites with working hyperlinks.

Avoid sites that are not stable or which have broken hyperlinks.

Look for sites that respect your privacy. Use sites that do not collect, use, or share personal data without clearly asking for your consent.

Avoid sites that require registration. If you do sign up, make sure the site states that your personal information will not be shared without your clear consent.


Learn more about evaluating consumer health information on the Web at these two sites:

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