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MCWCHARTS Web Site Survey


Please help us to improve our site by answering some questions about the MCWCHARTS Web site. Thank you!

1.  Choose the description that best fits you.

 Health care consumer in Wisconsin

 Health care consumer outside Wisconsin

 Health care provider in Wisconsin

 Health care provider outside Wisconsin

2.   E-mail address (not required):



3.  Did the MCWCHARTS Web site help you learn about evaluating consumer health information on the Web?



 Not sure


Please explain.

4.  By using MCWCHARTS, did you learn about consumer health Web sites that were new to you?



 Not sure


Please explain.

 5.  How did the health information you found through the MCWCHARTS Web site help you?

 I learned more about a specific health condition

 I learned more about health in a general way

 I was able to help another person with their health information needs

 I didn't find any useful information


Please explain.

6. Did you find MCWCHARTS Web site easy to use?

 Yes, it was quite easy

 No, it was not easy

 It wasn't easy or difficult--somewhere in-between

 I'm not sure


Please explain.



7. Before using MCWCHARTS, did you have some experience using the Web to find health information?


 Not sure



If "yes," could you tell us about how you used the Web to look for health information?  (Did you use a search engine to find sites? Do you remember health Web sites that you've used before using our site?)


8. Do you think that you'll use MCWCHARTS the next time you are looking for consumer health information?

 Yes, I'll probably use the site again

 No, I probably won't use the site again

 I'm not sure if I'll use the site again


We'd like to know more about why you will or won't use this site again. Please explain here.

9. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about using the MCWCHARTS Web site? If so, please comment here:


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