2013 Spring Festival of Cultures

The MCW Libraries' north display case is currently highlighting the diverse cultures at MCW and promoting the activities of the Spring Festival of Cultures. The information below was provided by Alicia Moore of the Office of Faculty Affairs and Diversity and describes the upcoming events. The MCW Libraries hope to see you there! 

The third annual Spring Festival of Cultures is March 27, 28 and 29th. This annual event is part of the college’s efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion. The festival is organized by the Student Spring Cultural Planning Committee, Office of Faculty Affairs and Diversity, Office of Student Affairs, and the Diversity Advisory Committee. The three day event features a variety of activities. The festival kicks off with a cultural market day that features educational booths and food from a variety of cultures in the college’s cafeteria lobby. The second day of the event features a quiz bowl that is co-sponsored by the Global Health Program of the Institute for Health and Society. This event features teams made up of faculty, students, staff and residents who compete to test their global knowledge in food, geography, politics and current events. The third and final day of the event features a cultural fashion show. Faculty, students, staff and residents take to the “runway” in their cultural attire and perform variety of songs and dances to celebrate the diversity that is the Medical College of Wisconsin.

If you have any questions about the current display cases, or are interested in taking advantage of this space to promote an MCW event, please contact the MCW Libraries at asklib@mcw.edu or (414) 955-8302.

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