Library Testing Nature Publishing Product for Two Months

Oct. 03, 2013 - Nature Publishing Group and ReadCube are testing a new kind of access to unsubscribed content.  MCW Libraries is partnering with Nature Publishing Group to test this new system.  During the testing period (October through November 2013), MCW Libraries’ patrons can access articles from Nature Publishing Group journals to which we do not currently subscribe such as Nature Communications.  The access is complimentary during the testing period, but users are required to create a ReadCube account to access articles.

Instructions for accessing articles in a non-subscribed journal:

  1. While on a network computer (i.e. a computer on the MCW network), access the journal publication from the Nature Publishing Group site.
  2. Find the article you want to access and click on “PDF” to be taken to an article preview.  In the article preview, there will be a box below the abstract that says “Access to the article PDF has been brought to you by Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries.”  There will be a link that says “View Enhanced PDF. Powered by ReadCube.”   
  3. Click on the link that says “View Enhanced PDF.”
  4. The article will launch in ReadCube, but it will be unreadable (it will be blurry) until you log in.  Log in by clicking on the Login/Register link in the upper right corner. 
  5. If you have never registered for a ReadCube account, you can create a new account from the login screen.  (Type “Medical College of Wisconsin” as the institution, not “MCW.”)  If you already have an account, enter your e-mail and ReadCube password.
  6. After a successful login, the PDF should become readable.  If it is not readable within ReadCube, we suggest that you print or save it and read it outside of the ReadCube window.  You can print it or save it by using the buttons in the ribbon at the top of the ReadCube window.

Flash is required to use ReadCube.  We also recommend using Firefox.

We value your feedback regarding the ReadCube test.  Please send comments to the library at  If you need help or have questions, please e-mail or call the MCW Libraries’ Reference Desk at (414) 955-8302.

If you do not wish to register for a ReadCube account to access articles from non-subscribed Nature Publishing Group journals or if you are unable to register/access the articles, document delivery service is available.  Please complete a Library on Request article request and library staff will be happy to assist you.

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