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Consumer Health - Accessing Reliable Trusted Sources

Selected Health Web Sites

Below is a list of excellent general consumer health Web sites. Look at them to learn more about many health-related topics. They contain facts about many topics including nutrition, exercise, and how to stay healthy.

While these Web sites are of high quality, they cannot replace regular medical care. Use the health information that you find to better communicate with your doctor or health care provider and to take better care of yourself and your family. 

Selected Health Web Sites

(from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

BadgerLink is different from the other Web sites on this list. It is a site that allows you to search for articles on many topics using databases. Start by clicking on the link labeled, "Health and Medical" next to the "Resources by type" heading. This will bring you to a list of health databases. Choose the databases you want to search. Then type in a word or two in the search box to see if there are articles on your topic. This Web site will only provide full text articles to computer users in Wisconsin.

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
(from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

This Web site contains information and tips on current health issues. Also included are facts about prevention and topics related to environmental themes. The CDC's Web site includes an A-Z listing of disease and health topics. It also provides access to data and statistics collected by the CDC. Some information is provided in Spanish. (CDC version in Spanish)
(from the American Academy of Family Physicians)

This Web site contains health information for the whole family. Look up health issues related to men, women, parents and kids, and seniors.  You can also access information using the A-Z list of health conditions. To learn more about how to stay healthy, look at the many topics listed under the "Healthy Living" section of the site. Find out about over-the-counter drugs and a lot more on this quality site.

  Genetics Home Reference
(from the National Library of Medicine)

This Web site provides information about many health conditions affected by genetics. There are definitions of terms related to genes. There is also a section on genetic conditions and a resources page with links to other sites with information.

(from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

This site includes links to reliable health information. Use the A to Z list to find facts about diseases, health conditions, and injuries. You can also learn more about drugs or read a weekly newsletter. Other features include a link to federal and state agencies and to clearinghouses which provide facts on many health topics. There is also a healthfinder version in Spanish.

  Lab Tests Online
(from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry

This site is designed to give consumers information about specific clinical lab tests. You can also learn about treatment for many diseases and conditions. In addition, this site features current health topics that are in the news.

(from the National Library of Medicine)

This Web site includes information that you can trust on over 700 health topics. It is also easy to use. Some of the features are a medical encyclopedia with pictures and a dictionary for medical terms. In addition, the site contains links to many other good Web sites for health and drug information. View a tutorial on some of the many features in MedlinePlus.

  Milwaukee Health Department

(from the City of Milwaukee)

This Web site is especially helpful to people living in the Milwaukee area. Important local health issues are covered. The site also has many health topics of general interest. Seasonal health tips are also included.

  NIH Senior Health
(from the U.S. National Institutes of Health

This Web site is for older adults. Included is health information that is age-related and easy to understand. Seniors and their family members and friends can learn about such topics as Alzheimer's Disease, heart failure, and taking medicines. Many other health conditions and topics are also included. To help people with low vision, the Web site's text size can be adjusted.  In addition, a speech feature is included.

  The Drug Information Portal
(from the National Library of Medicine)

This site is an easy-to-use portal to current drug information for over 15,000 drugs. Users can type in the brand/trade name (e.g., Zocor) or generic name (e.g., Simvastatin). Use this portal to learn about the side effects of drugs, clinical trials, the effects of the medication on breastfeeding, and much more.

  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This Web site provides information on a number of topics. There is a section about diseases and conditions and drug and food information.  Learn about staying healthy and what to do if there's a disaster. This site also contains help if you are looking for a hospital or nursing home and much more.

  U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Consumer Health Information

This Web site includes information on many health topics. Keep up-to-date on recent news stories about food and drugs in the Consumer Updates section. Find out about medical procedures, animal health, medicines, and much more on this consumer-friendly Web site. There is also some information provided in Spanish.

  Wisconsin Department of Health Services

This Web site's purpose is to help Wisconsin residents make good health care choices. The site contains easy-to-find, useful information on many topics. The site features current health topics of importance, especially for people living in Wisconsin.

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