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The Edward J. Lennon Endowed Clinical Teaching Award 


Call for Nominations


In 1992, The Edward J. Lennon Endowed Clinical Teaching Award was established to recognize a full-time MCW faculty member in the earlier part of his/her career. This individual, reflecting Dr. Lennon's wishes, must be:

  • A full time or full professional effort MCW faculty member:
  • At the rank of instructor or assistant professor;
  • Engaged in clinical practice (e.g., direct patient care) in any clinical specialty or subspecialty; and
  • Recognized as actively interested in MCW’s teaching programs and committed to a career in direct teaching or the development of instructional strategies or tools

In Summary, the Lennon Award was created to recognize those junior faculty who have clearly “made a difference” in the teaching programs of the Medical College of Wisconsin. This award, selected annually by the MCW Society of Teaching Scholars, is presented at convocation.

Any MCW faculty member is welcome to nominate a colleague.  To do so, please submit (in electronic format):

  1. A nomination letter not to exceed two (2) pages in length, which describes the educational achievements of the nominee. 
  2. Supporting Documents not to exceed a total of five (5) pages providing examples/evidence of teaching excellence  (e.g.,  letters, a summary of teaching evaluations, support letters from former learners, outline of new educational products or materials). 
  3. To be fair to all candidates, submissions that exceed these page limits will not be considered.

Please take this opportunity to ensure that a colleague is recognized for his/her contributions to the teaching mission of MCW. 

Nomination letter (2 pages max), specifically addressing the criteria above and supporting documents (5 pages max), must be received by 9:00 AM, Monday, May 20, 2013.  E-mail nomination submission to



A current list of Edward J. Lennon Endowed Clinical Teaching Award Recipients is available below.   If you have questions or would like additional information about the Lennon Award or Society of Teaching Scholars, please contact Drs. Duthie or Bedinghaus  Thank you!


Lennon Award Winners

2012    Angela Bier, MD - Pediatrics
2012    Heather Toth, MD - Medicine
2011    Sanjani Tipnis, MD - Pediatrics 
2011    Matthew Tews, DO - Emergency Medicine 
2011    Kim Stoner, MD - Medicine 
2010    Tomar Begaz , MD - Emergency Medicine 
2010    Mike Weisgerber, MD - Pediatrics 
2009    Nancy Havas, MD - Family and Community Medicine 
2009    Martin Muntz, MD - Medicine, GIM 
2009    Brian Lewis, MD, FACS - Surgery, Vascular 
2008    Travis Webb, MD - Surgery, Trauma & Critical Care 
2008    Paola Palma Sisto, MD - Pediatrics, Endocrinology 
2008    Gunnar Larson, MD - Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine 
2007    Lisa Marr, MD - Medicine, Neoplastics 
2007    Kurt J. Pfeifer, MD - Medicine, GIM 
2006    LuAnn Moraski, DO - Pediatrics, Medical Education 
2006    Kathryn  Denson, MD - Medicine, Geriatrics 
2005    Michael Lund, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology 
2004    MaryEllen Goodell, MD - Family and Community Medicine 
2004    Lonie Salkowski, MD - Radiology 
2004    Dario Torre, MD, MPH - Medicine, GIM 
2003    Thomas Sato, MD - Surgery, Pediatrics 
2003    Elena Holak, MD, PharmD - Anesthesiology 
2002    Karen Brasel, MD, MPH - Surgery/Trauma 
2001    Joseph Layde, MD, JD - Psychiatry 
2001    Christopher Wood, MD - Family and Community Medicine 
2000    Ruric(Andy) Anderson, MD - Medicine, GIM 
2000    Patricia Lye, MD - Pediatrics 
1999    Wendy Larson-Peltier, MD - Neurology 
1998    Michael Kefer, MD - Emergency Medicine 
1997    David Lewis, MD - Pediatrics (Deceased) 
1996    Dale Berg, MD - Medicine, GIM 
1995    Andrew Norton, MD - Medicine, GIM 
1994    Janet Lindemann, MD - Family and Community Medicine 
1993    Peter Havens, MD, MS  - Pediatrics 
1992    James Sebastian, MD - Medicine, GIM