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Marvin Wagner, MD, Preceptor Award 

Call for Nominations


The Marvin Wagner Preceptor Award was established in 1998 to recognize the contributions of our volunteer preceptors/clinical faculty members.  Our volunteer preceptors/clinical faculty provide an extremely valuable service to the Medical College of Wisconsin. In recognition of this service, MCW presents this award each fall as part of MCW’s Convocation ceremony. 

The recipient should demonstrate enthusiasm, selfless dedication, effective teaching and outstanding commitment to medical education of students, residents or fellows as has been shown by Dr. Wagner in his 50 + years career as a voluntary faculty member at MCW.

♦  Nominees may come from any Department and may be nominated by any full time, part time or volunteer preceptors/faculty members. 

♦  A list of past award recipients is available below.

We hope you will consider suggesting a clinical faculty member for this award.  Nominations must be submitted electronically and specifically address the criteria above.

All nominations must be received by 9:00 AM Monday, May 20, 2013.   Please E-mail nomination submission to

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Wagner Award or Society of Teaching Scholars, please contact Drs. Duthie or Bedinghaus  Thank you for advancing education and educators at MCW.


Marvin Wagner, MD Preceptor Award Winners

2012    Mark Harlow, MD

2012    Craig Siverhus, MD

2011    Michael Schellpfeffer, MD - Obstetrics & Gynecology

2011    Lyle Henry, MD - Surgery

2011    John Thomas, MD - Family Medicine

2010    Robert Leschke, MD - Emergency Medicine

2010    Matthew Lee, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology

2010    Louis Papp, DO - Pediatrics

2009    Francisco Enriques, MD - Pediatrics

2009    Daniel Duffy, MD - Family and Community Medicine

2008    Gregory P. Kwasny, MD - Ophthalmology

2008    Paul Fox, MD - General Surgery

2008    Jadwiga Hjertstedt, DDS, MS - Medicine, Geriatrics

2008    Glenn F. Ragalie, MD - Medicine

2007    Moises Garcia, MD - Medicine

2007    Joseph C. Battista, MD - Surgery

2007    Daniel A. Hagerman, MD - Pediatrics

2006    Steven Kappes, MD - General Surgery

2006    Gerald Hanson, MD - Pathology

2006    George Hughes, MD - Medicine

2005    Christopher Sobczak, MD - Primary Care

2004    Robert Brueggeman, MD - Medicine, GIM

2004    Clarence Chou, MD - Psychiatry

2003    William Gaertner, MD - Family and Community Medicine

2003    David Shapiro, MD - Medicine

2003    Arthur Davidson, MD - Anesthesiology

2002    Thomas J, Russell, MD - Dermatology

2002    John F. Just, MD - Surgery

2001    W. Craig Leach, DO - Pediatrics

2001    Scott Jorgensen, MD - Medicine, GIM

2000    Richard Fritz, MD - Medicine, GIM

2000    James Wood, MD - Surgery, General  

1999    James Findling, MD - Medicine, Endocrine

1999    Ikar Kalogjera, MD - Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine

1998   Julian Ferstenfeld, MD -  Family and Community Medicine

1998   Gary Cohen, MD - Pediatrics