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Prerequisites (beginning with the 2015 matriculation year)

While it is recommended that all prerequisites be completed prior to taking the MCAT, completion of the prerequisites is not a requirement to have a file reviewed, be interviewed or receive an offer.  Completion of all prerequisites is a requirement for enrollment, and must be fulfilled by August 1 of the matriculation year.

To ensure accurate academic records, all official transcripts must be submitted by August 1 of the matriculation year.  Transcripts must come directly from the educational institutions.  AMCAS does not forward transcripts to the medical schools.

3 quarters or trimesters are required if you are on the quarter or trimester system.







Social Sciences

4 credits Advanced Biology with lab

3 or 4 credit in Biochemistry, provided the course required both general and organic chemistry as prerequisites

8 credits

4 credits

3 credits

3 credits in psychology or sociology

*A course in oral communication (speech, interpersonal communication, etc.) is recommended.

**AP coursework will be accepted for physics and math requirements only.  All credits should be taken for a grade.
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