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As of this issue, the Newsletter will be published quarterly. If you have any announcements, please be certain they are current and provide any information for upcoming events or seminars at least three months in advance. Thank you.


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Dear Department of Medicine Faculty, Staff, Residents, Students and Trainees,

As I conclude my second month in Milwaukee as Chair of the Department of Medicine it is appropriate to take a deep breath and reflect on the present and future state of the Department. First, I am excited to be here and extremely optimistic about our future prospects. We have a great team of faculty, staff and trainees; all of who are committed to excellence and to the four pillars of the Medical College Mission – Research, Education, Clinical Care, and Community Engagement. During the past nine weeks I have met many of our faculty and staff in group and one-on-one settings and look forward to meeting many more over the next few months. I have been impressed with the enthusiasm of the group and the desire to keep getting better at what we do. Please feel free to contact Mary Lenhart in my office to schedule a meeting at your convenience so that you can share your personal goals and aspirations with me. In addition, my wife, Jackie, and I look forward to meeting you and your families at departmental social events. We have many important tasks to take on during the next year or so, including filling important leadership positions within the Department, recruiting additional faculty to help us fulfill our missions, developing innovative clinical, research and education programs both on campus and at our regional affiliates, and developing state of the art tools to enhance communication within the department and with the outside world. In this era of health care reform and uncertainty, one thing that is very certain is the need to provide the highest quality care in as efficient a manner as possible. Thus you will be hearing a lot from my office about plans to develop quality measurement tools and quality improvement programs across all of our sub-specialties. It is also clear that to survive and grow in this marketplace we must distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We will do that by being innovative in our practices and by establishing cutting edge research programs. I believe strongly that open communication is an essential component of effective leadership; as we move forward, I will be using as many tools as possible to solicit your opinions and engage your participation in Department activities, and I will be sharing information with you about the Department and Medical Center. Stay tuned!

Roy L. Silverstein, MD
The Linda and John Mellowes Professor and Chairman

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