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Ann Nattinger, MD

Jack Welch, Jr. , former Chairman and CEO of General Electric said “The world will belong to passionate, driven leaders – people who not only have enormous amounts of energy but who can energize those whom they lead.” The beginning of the academic year is an energizing time, and as the leader of the Department of Medicine, I hope to bring energy to our demanding field.

We are faced with challenging times in medicine – changes in curriculum and our roles as educators, further reduction of duty hours for the residency program and, of course, the current unstable economy. These all add to our already busy schedules. However, this is also an opportunity to develop new strategies to meet these challenges.

We will work collaboratively with Karen Marcdante in her new role as Senior Associate Dean for Education to create innovative student pathways to increase interest in internal medicine. A committee has recently been formed to address the ACGME’s proposed resident duty hour standards for 2011. The Department's leadership group is meeting to consider how to foster more research applications to build on last year’s success. And, finally, while we personally can’t end our current economic crisis, we trust our “Billing Tips” section will assist in increased revenue for our department.

Again, I remain committed to communicating our achievements in research, education, patient care and community involvement and I welcome your ideas for “energizing” the new academic year.  

August Newsletter


Announcements from the Department of Medicine

Community: Department of Medicine seeks participants for MCW Wellness Boot Camp

On August 2nd, MCW Wellness began an eight week Wellness Boot Camp campaign. Goals to achieve during a two week period will focus on one of four areas – nutrition, fitness, stress management and self care. Points earned for accomplishing the specific goals will be tallied and employees who earn the most points during the challenge are awarded a prize.

Education: ACGME Site Review. They're Coming!

It’s that time again…our 5 year accreditation period (that was actually extended to 6 years) is about to end and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is currently scheduled to visit the Department of Medicine in February, 2011.

Patient Care: Endocrinology’s Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome Clinic

Tackling the Obesity Epidemic, the Division of Endocrinology’s Metabolic Syndrome Clinic team of clinicians work in tandem towards the singular goal of assisting patients to take control of their disease through a medically supervised weight loss program. Learn more about Metabolic Syndrome and how our clinic can be a resource to you and your patients

Research: How to Prepare an Audit

Congratulations, you’ve been chosen for an FDA Audit! Now let the fear, anxiety, and panic set in along with your litany of questions. What do you do? Where do you turn for answers? What does the FDA want to see? How should you prepare for their visit?

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