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Housestaff Recruitment Update

In Housestaff Recruitment news, ERAS for Fellowship Applicants opened December 1st. Our Department of Medicine fellowship programs are currently downloading applications and will begin reviewing those applications in the near future.

Listed below are the number of fellows each subspecialty fellowship will be recruiting for in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Cardiology: 5 Infectious Diseases: 2
Endocrine: 1 Nephrology: 4
Geriatrics: Will have 4th year Med-Ger Palliative Care: 2
Gastroenterology: 4 Pulmonary and Critical Care: 4                      
Hematology-Oncology: 2 Rheumatology: 2

On the Residency side of things, we are one-third of the way through our recruitment season!

  • We currently have 1766 applicants
  • 364 of those applicants are scheduled to interview
  • We have already interviewed 130 of the 364 scheduled applicants

The residency program would like to extend a big thanks to the 44 Department of Medicine faculty members who have graciously donated their time to the Intern Selection Committee.

We could not run a successful recruitment season without the dedication and commitment of the faculty members listed below:

Andreea Antonescu-Turcu, MD Ann Maguire, MD, MPH
Avi Bernstein, MD Jerry Marifke, MD
Todd Burner, MD Sean Marks, MD
Edi Burns, MD Kavita Mundey, MD
John Charlson, MD Marty Muntz, MD
Nick Choong, MD Iram Nadeem, MD
Aaron Dall, MD Amar Naik, MD
Susan Davids, MD, MPH Kavita Naik, MD
Katie Denson, MD Rahul Nanchal, MD
Abby Deyo, MD Joan Neuner, MD, MPH
Ed Duthie, MD Kurt Pfeifer, MD
Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA Vipul Rana, MD
Mike Frank, MD Linus Santo Tomas, MD
Leslie Gimenez, MD Sid Singh, MD
Jaishree Hariharan, MD Dan Stein, MD
Avery Hayes, MD Kim Stoner, MD
Vidya Kidambi, MD Natasha Travis, MD
Kory Koerner, MD Brahm Vasudev, MD
Irina Konon, MD Monica Vasudev, MD
Bob Krippendorf, MD Jeff Whittle, MD, MPH
Nilay Kumar, MD, MPH Mike Widlansky, MD
Ted MacKinney, MD, MPH Monica Ziebert, MD, DDS

Article written by Robin Karst and Tracy Stasinopoulos, Educational Programs, Medicine
© 2015 Medical College of Wisconsin
Page Updated 11/30/2011