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It has now been a year since MyChart was implemented throughout the enterprise’s ambulatory clinics. In addition, the Cancer Center at Froedtert successfully implemented the patient portal in March 2010 and Community Memorial followed suit in October. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the 15,393 patients who are actively using the program. The features of the program that seem to be appreciated the most are the speedy test results and the ability to access family records (533 proxy accounts).

Since its introduction, new features have been added to MyChart like automatic appointment reminder messages and the ability to download a continuity of care document, a copy of the account. All of our ambulatory clinics using EpicCare are now also using MyChart, so an on-going effort of optimization and improvement is a major focus for the program. Analysis is also underway for new features such as other automated messages to patients, personal health record/portal for multiple MyChart accounts and patient instructions.

MyChart has greatly benefited the organization and our patients. Patient satisfaction is rising due to expedited test results, answers to their questions, scheduling, etc. Although some staff have not embraced the product, the patient-facing portal has the potential to greatly reduce phone time and create a stronger patient-to-provider relationship. Many of the internal medicine departments are strong advocates for MyChart, and hopefully all clinics will continue to suggest this great tool to their patients.

Article written by John Tate, MyChart Analyst
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Page Updated 11/30/2011