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    Welcome to the Department of Medicine's Education Corner!

    Our goal for this section of the newsletter is to disseminate information regarding educational program activities to everyone in the Department of Medicine along with recognizing excellence by our housestaff as well as highlighting achievements across our residency, fellowship, and student programs.

    2010 Match

    The Department of Medicine’s Residency Program participated in the NRMP Match held on
    March 18th. The Department recruited for and filled all of our intern positions through the match which included 28 categorical, 10 preliminary, 2 primary care, and 1 medicine-geriatric. Our incoming intern class for 2010 will represent 21 different medical schools and 11 different states.

    The figure below shows the distribution of medical schools attended by the incoming interns over the past five years, demonstrating progress in the Dean’s benchmarks of becoming a destination of choice for residency training.

    We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to our residents who are graduating this year! Last year’s graduates have taken a wide variety of positions, including 7 in primary care, 8 as hospitalists, and 19 graduates entering fellowships in 11 different subspecialties. The geographic impact of our program graduates is demonstrated by them going to 14 different states, literally across the country, from Columbia University to the University of California-San Diego. We don’t have all the details yet regarding where our current graduating residents are headed, but we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

    We would like to give a big thank you to our outgoing Chief Residents for all the hard work they’ve put in this academic year. Dr. Jason Gonzaga will continue on as a GI fellow here at MCW, Dr. Jon Kushi will continue on as a Rheum fellow at MCW, and Dr. Stephanie Momper will be joining a Medicine-Pediatrics practice. Dr. Karri Huber will continue on as Chief Resident until the end of the year.

    Finally, we would like to welcome our new Chief Residents! Dr. Jaren Thomas will be starting out a Chief Resident at Froedtert while Dr. Adrienne Barnosky will be starting her Chief Resident year at the VA. Dr. Molly Kleiman is the Medicine-Pediatrics Chief Resident for this academic year.

    Article written by: Michael Frank, M.D., Professor of Medicine, Vice Chair of Education, Residency Program Director, Kurt Pfeifer, M.D., FACP, Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Program Director, & Tracy Stasinopoulos, Program Coordinator