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    TEAMWORK, The Core of Rheumatology's
    Patient Satisfaction Success

    It happened again! The Rheumatology clinic physicians and staff have won top honors for high performance for the eighth (8) consecutive quarter among all Froedtert/Medical College Clinics, according to the Press Ganey customer surveys. With such success, the big question is, how did they do that?
    When division staff were surveyed in a blind email about why they thought Rheumatology continues to receive such positive ratings, the answers were consistent. Teamwork. Five major themes continuously rise to the surface:

    1. All providers take the time to educate their patients, which, at times means solutions are given by numerous people. This only reinforces the advice and encourages continuity.

    2. The clinic has systems in place to facilitate a timely and efficient scheduling process. Wait times are short.
    3. Patients are given RN’s direct telephone numbers, making it easy for the patient to ask additional questions in between appointments. This helps build rapport and trust between patient and provider.
    4. The spirit of teamwork is engrained in the division’s culture and work environment.
    5. The patient’s well-being comes first.

    Quotes from staff who responded to the survey:

    “Our provider group is great!! They spend time answering patient questions, teaching and remain on time! Patients really appreciate not having to sit in the waiting room very long.” Kim Slotterback, R.N., Clinic Nurse Manager

    “It’s very beneficial for the patient to have the nurses direct phone number so they can talk to the nurse directly. We have built rapport with our patient's and they know the nurse, and feel comfortable calling with concerns.” Mary Kleinschmid, R.N.

    “I really feel that there is a team spirit in our department that is unlike any other. The team is led by the best team player of all, Dr. Ryan. Everyone is important, from the chief, the doc's, nurses, AA's, Lab, and phlebotomist's. No one is afraid or is hesitant to step up and help” Karen Schulz, LPN

    “I think it’s a combination of teamwork and the devotion of our medical team. As a group, we have developed a clinic where patients feel comfortable and know their needs will be met adequately.” Carla Clark, Administrative Assistant II

    For the eighth time in over two years, photographers, along with the Reward & Recognition Committee, have traveled to the Rheumatology clinic bearing gifts and toting cameras. Division physicians and staff are humbled by the accolades yet proud of their accomplishments. As for the real reason why Rheumatology continues to rank number one among all the clinics? The Director of the Rheumatology Clinic, and Chief of Rheumatology, Larry Ryan, M.D. sums up why teamwork is so critical, “It’s all about the patients.”

    If you have any questions or would like to have further conversation with someone in Rheumatology about how they work so well together, please call or email Bobbi Klebenow. She can be reached at 955-7009 or

    Article by Bobbi J. Klebenow, Administrative Coordinator