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The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Medicine faculty often receive accolades for excellence in teaching, making new discoveries, and treating patients. And so they should; their work is the heart of the college. But the Department of Medicine’s support staff also make it possible for medical students to learn, patients to be cared for and researchers to break new ground. We have excellent support staff who help the department deliver its mission and I don’t believe we say 'thank-you' to them often enough.

Our support staff ranges from clerks, administrative and research assistants, technicians, financial analysts, coordinators and many others who keep the divisions and department running smoothly. This group encompasses 364 individuals on staff with the Department of Medicine.

As renowned author G.B. Stern so correctly stated, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone”. And so, it is most appropriate that we say thank you to all of our support staff for the outstanding work they do behind the scenes of our institution. I would personally like to make sure our support staff members know they are appreciated and respected, and I am grateful for the difference they make in the operations of our clinical areas, research labs, medical school, divisions and department!

Thank you for your dedication to and support of the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Medicine.

May 2011 Edition

Community Service: Dr. Ashvin Patel provides needed services for poor in India

Dr. Ashvin Patel travels to India every year to monitor cataract surgery programs for the Gujarat Project of Combat Blindness Foundation

Education: Transition of Undergraduate Evaluations to the OASIS System

The Department of Medicine's participation in pilot to transition student performance and teaching evaluations from paper-based forms to an electronic format

Patient Care: Cardiovascular Medicine provides services in West Bend

The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine provides patient care at St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend

Research: The role of HDL in cardiovascular disease

Daisy Sahoo, PhD, Div. of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition, studies cholesterol’s role in atherosclerotic risk

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