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Transition of Undergraduate Evaluations to the OASIS System

Kerrie Quirk, Medical Education Coordinator II
Jason Crowley, Data Analyst I, MCW Educational Services

In September 2010, the Department of Medicine began participating in a pilot to transition student performance and teaching evaluations from paper-based forms to an electronic format. Using the web-based OASIS system already in place for medical student scheduling and course evaluations, we input and modified existing evaluations for clinical rotations. The pilot was deemed a success and electronic grading became the expectation for all M3 clerkships in January 2011. As of this July, all M4 courses (required and elective) will be managed on OASIS. Paper-based forms will no longer be used.

This transition allows us to manage evaluations in a much more efficient and thorough manner. Once entered into OASIS, evaluations are automatically available to physicians and students three days prior to the end of a rotation. Individuals receive an e-mail from with the subject line “OASIS NOTIFY: Evaluations to complete.” Within the e-mail is a link to all open evaluations. The link serves as the user name and password. There is no need to remember any access codes provided individuals use the most recent message from the system.

Just as faculty and resident physicians must complete a performance evaluation on each student they worked with, students will submit evaluations on their instructors. While there were mechanisms to do so in the past, the paper-based system did not allow us to effectively provide that option to students on clinical rotations. Using OASIS, we now have the ability to distribute evaluations to all students registered for Medicine courses regardless of location.

Faculty will receive a Clinical Teaching Inventory report in their department teaching packets each May. Residents will receive this information in their semi-annual reviews. The reports will include data on teaching effectiveness, comments, and timeliness of electronic evaluation submissions. We are working with OASIS programmers to potentially add a mechanism for tracking clinical contact time as well. The goal is to add a component to the teaching reports identifying the number of weeks of inpatient ward and/or consult teaching, half-days of outpatient clinic instruction, and hours of non-patient care related instruction (e.g., lectures, case discussions) physicians participate in annually.

If you have any questions regarding student or teaching evaluations, please contact Kerrie Quirk, Medical Education Coordinator for DOM Student Programs, at 805-0530 or

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