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 Michael Dunn, MD

From the DOM Vice Chair of Research

The CTSI is a multi-institutional collaborative research effort which is co-funded by the participating institutions and the National Institutes of Health. The NIH awarded 20 Million Dollars to MCW, beginning July 2010, to provide ongoing funding for this program. The participating institutions, in addition to MCW are the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Children’s Hospital and Health System, Froedtert Hospital and the VA Medical Center. The CTSI offers infrastructure support for clinical and translational research. The Department of Medicine should benefit significantly through interaction with and use of the CTSI.

The CTSI has twelve key functions or sub-themes. Key functions of importance to clinical researchers in the Department include: Grant writing; mentoring; assistance with the IRB; epidemiology; biostatistics; translational research unit support in each of the three hospitals; pilot and collaborative grant programs; community engagement and public health; translational technology through the use of MCW core labs; professional development training opportunities in clinical science and translational science; bioinformatics; MS in Clinical and Translational Science; and Clinical Research Scholars Program. My office titled: Clinical and Translational Research Support Office, helps clinical investigators to utilize this array of support services. Please contact me either in the Department of Medicine (805-2006) or at the CTSI (955-2524). You can also email me at

Michael J. Dunn, MD, Distinguished Professor and Dean Emeritus, MCW-MRMC Translational Research Resource Office and Key Function Director

September Newsletter


Announcements from the Department of Medicine

Community: ECHO, Empowering Change through Healthy Opportunities

Kory Koerner MD, a recent graduate of the Department of Medicine’s internal medicine residency and currently Assistant Professor in the Hospitalist section of the Division of General Internal Medicine, has been actively involved in promoting health education in our community. He and others recently started a non-profit organization called ECHO, Empowering Change through Healthy Opportunities.

Education: iTunes U, Paving the Way for Hybrid Teaching

The way didactic information is delivered to students is one of the many changes occurring at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Beginning in 2010, MCW rolled out its private iTunes University (iTunes U) site. This platform allows audio and video podcasts to be accessed internally by MCW faculty, staff, and students.

Patient Care: Epic’s Haiku application currently being tested

Epic’s Haiku application is currently being tested. Functionality includes review of patient lists, schedules, patient encounters, care team, and results review. The first version also offers in-basket functionality for the staff message and results folder.

Research: Department of Medicine sees an Increase in Funding from Clinical Trials

Over the past three fiscal years there has been a significant rise in funding from clinical trials within the Department of Medicine. These clinical trials are conducted not only at Froedtert Hospital but also at the Zablocki VA Medical Center.

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