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Board Preparation Curriculum

Regular Board Review Sessions

  • Faculty-led board review sessions 2-3 Wednesdays per month during senior resident Academic Half Day
  • Utilizes board style questions and emphasizes general and topic specific test taking strategies
  • Active participation is encouraged with the use of a high tech audience response system

High-Yield Board Review Course

  • A week long course held in the spring of each resident’s PGY 3 year
  • Residents are relieved of all other responsibilities to attend
  • All major ABIM certification exam topics covered by faculty with experience leading ACP Recertification Exam Preparation sessions or writing ACP In-Training Exam or ABIM certification exam questions

Medical Knowledge Improvement Plan

  • Program leadership assists residents in indentifying personal learning styles and guides their selection of the board review resources that best fit their needs
  • Residents with identified test taking difficulties are given individualized assistance with board preparation
  • Insurance-covered neurocognitive testing is available for residents seeking special accommodations for the ABIM certification exam

Independent Study

  • A library is kept up to date with the major resources utilized by residents for board preparation, including MedStudy ® and MKSAP 15® (text and computer resources).
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