MPH Program

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MPH Capstone Project

This course allows the student to demonstrate public health competencies through the completion of a major written paper on a significant public health issue or topic.

The Capstone Project should be taken as the last course of the MPH program, and it requires substantial preparation; the student is expected to begin planning more than three months before enrolling in the course. A Timeline of Responsibilities (PDF) lists activities and deadlines several semesters in advance.

This website describes the course and its responsibilities in detail. For further information, please contact Laura Conklin, MPH, Program Coordinator, via email to or by phone at 414-955-4806.

Explanatory Presentations

Provides PDF presentations explaining various aspects of the Capstone Project


Outlines the purpose and objectives and describes the prerequisites of the Capstone Project; also explains the course’s relationship to other MPH coursework

Master's Paper

Describes the primary component of the Capstone Project – the Master’s Paper; provides a general description as well as specific expectations, and outlines the submission schedule, which is more demanding of students planning to graduate at the end of the Spring semester in which they are enrolled


Outlines the role and responsibilities of each of the persons involved in the Capstone Project: the student, Faculty Advisor, Second Reader, and Program Coordinator

Products & Evaluation

Explains the products the student will generate, including the Proposal (which should be submitted at least six weeks prior to enrolling in the course), Master’s Paper, and PowerPoint Presentation; also describes how the student will be evaluated


Provides PDF and DOC or e-form versions of each of the forms that must be completed by the student; also offers access to printable documents, such as the handbook and responsibility checklists, as well as samples of completed forms

Graduates' Projects

Offers abstracts and presentations of graduates' Capstone Projects
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