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MPH Field Placement

This course allows the student to work with an organization that contributes to the health of a community. By completing an Action Learning Project for the organization, the student will provide a valuable service and gain competency in multiple areas of public health.

The Field Placement should be taken as one of the last courses in the MPH program, and it requires a significant amount of preparation. Students are expected to enroll in 18279 MPH Field Placement during the semester before starting project work.  A Timeline of Responsibilities (PDF) lists activities and deadlines several semesters in advance.

This website describes the course and its responsibilities in detail.  For further information, please contact Laura Conklin, Program Coordinator, via email to or by phone at 414-955-4510.

Explanatory Presentations

Provides PDF presentations explaining various aspects of the Field Placement


Outlines the purpose and objectives of the Field Placement and explains the course’s relationship to Capstone Project


Explains the requirements for various credit hours; outlines the prerequisites of the Field Placement, and describes the first steps of the planning process, which should be completed during the Field Placement Preparation course, approximately four months prior to enrolling in the course

Project Development

Describes the major component of Field Placement, the Action Learning Project, and provides examples of project types; also explains the Field Placement Proposal, which should be submitted during the Field Placement Preparation course, approximately six weeks before enrollment in Field Placement

Previous Projects

Offers PDF presentations of previous students' Field Placement projects

Project Ideas

Lists project ideas developed by organizations interested in hosting students' Field Placement opportunities

Site Selection

Describes the criteria the student should consider in selecting a site, and provides resources, including a letter of introduction

Previous Sites

Lists the sites at which students have conducted Field Placements


Outlines the role and responsibilities of each of the persons involved in the Field Placement: the student, Site Preceptor, Faculty Advisor, and Program Coordinator

Products & Evaluation

Explains the final products the student will generate: monthly Field Placement Log, Midpoint Progress Report, Action Learning Project Summary Report, and PowerPoint Presentation; also describes how the student will be evaluated


Describes the unique circumstances under which a student may request a waiver from the Field Placement requirement


Provides PDF and DOC or e-form versions of each of the forms that must be completed by the student, Site Preceptor, and Faculty Advisor; also offers access to printable documents, such as the handbook and responsibility checklists, as well as samples of completed forms
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