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Field Placement Products and Evaluation


Topics on this Page:

Field Placement Monthly Log

The log is used to document activities pursued, hours completed, learning objectives fulfilled, competencies achieved and reflections observed during the Field Placement. Reflections should include progress achieved during the Field Placement experience, challenges that have been encountered and how they were addressed, what the student has learned about him/herself, and insights regarding how the experience contributes to addressing a public health concern. Field Placement Logs should be submitted at least monthly to the Faculty Advisor and Program Coordinator.

The form for the Field Placement Log is located on the Field Placement Forms webpage. Further instructions are provided on the form, and samples of previous students' logs are available on the Forms webpage. One student even created a presentation to accompany his log. In it, he describes and reflects on all of his activities at the local health department during the first month of his Field Placement. (Supplemental materials, such as this, are not required but are always appreciated.)


Midpoint Progress Report

Approximately halfway through the Field Placement, the student, Site Preceptor, and Faculty Advisor are expected to conduct a Midpoint Review.

  • The student will complete an initial draft of the Midpoint Progress Report and send it to the Site Preceptor, Faculty Advisor, and Program Coordinator before the meeting. 
  • During the meeting, the report may be used as a guideline for discussion regarding the student’s progress and accomplishments, any barriers that have been encountered, and plans for completing the project. 
  • After the meeting, the student will revise the Midpoint Progress Report, and the Site Preceptor and Faculty Advisor will approve it.

The form for the Midpoint Progress Report is located on the Field Placement Forms webpage. Further instructions are provided on the form, and samples of previous students' reports are available on the Forms webpage, as well.


Completing Your Field Placement

Each student is required to complete the following:

  • Monthly Field Placement Logs
  • Midpoint Progress Report
  • Action Learning Project Summary Report, and
  • A PowerPoint Presentation. 

Students should also maintain any materials developed such as surveys, reports, brochures, etc. that can be incorporated into a portfolio.

  • Presentation:  Completing your Field Placement (PDF):  Provides a timeline of responsibilities, and explains the final course requirements, including the submission of an action learning project summary report, powerpoint presentation, and final evaluation as well as participation in an exit interview.


Action Learning Project Summary Report

Students are expected to prepare and submit an Action Learning Project Summary Report at the end of the Field Placement. The report must be at least 12 pages in length (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins), excluding references, tables and appendices. The specific format may vary depending on the type of project.

The report should summarize the project(s), present observations and reflections of the Field Placement experience, and include the following elements:

  1. Description of the agency
  2. Description of the public health problem
  3. Overall project plan, including learning objectives
  4. Implementation of the project/methods used
  5. Theoretical foundations
  6. Application of results/public health significance
  7. Competencies addressed
  8. Application of MPH coursework
  9. Overall quality of the Field Placement experience


PowerPoint Presentation

Students may be asked to present their work to a community board or an agency department or group. Even if students do not formally present their work, they must submit a PowerPoint Presentation to the Program Coordinator. This presentation may be used to share the student’s results and experience and to serve as an example of a Field Placement for future students.

          Available as:     PPT     PDF


Timeline of Responsibilities 2012 - 2013 2013 - 2014


Evaluation & Grading

Student performance is based on the Preceptor’s evaluation of the student using a standard form provided by the program as well as the Faculty Advisor’s evaluation of the Field Placement Logs, Midpoint Progress Report, Action Learning Project Summary Report, and PowerPoint presentation.  Other work products may be appropriate depending on the nature of the student’s work during the Field Placement. 

The final grade is determined by the student’s Faculty Advisor with input from the Preceptor.  The student is assigned a grade of Excellent, Good, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.  A student whose performance is evaluated as Unsatisfactory will need to retake the course. A breakdown of the grading is as follows:

  • Feedback from Site Preceptor – 35%
  • Field Placement Log - 20%
  • Midpoint Progress Report – 5%
  • Action Learning Project Summary Report - 35%
  • PowerPoint Presentation - 5%

Students are also required to participate in an Exit Interview with the Preceptor, Faculty Advisor and Program Coordinator.
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