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Developing a Field Placement Project

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Action Learning Project

The Action Learning Project the student completes during the Field Placement is developed in collaboration with the placement site, the MPH Program and the student, and it should be in alignment with the student’s desired learning objectives and competencies. The project may entail working individually or with an interdisciplinary agency team on a public health problem or initiative. Examples of projects may include:

  • Program Design and Implementation. Students work to develop and implement an agency program in areas such as health promotion or community intervention.
  • Program Evaluation. Students conduct an evaluation of an agency program to determine effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Community Assessment. Students assist in conducting a community health needs assessment.
  • Community Health Planning. Students assist in various aspects of developing a community health improvement plan.
  • Grant Proposals. Students contribute to the research, drafting and submission of a funding proposal.
  • Public Health Policy. Students research and analyze a public policy or develop an advocacy statement related to a public health issue.
  • Applied Research. Students conduct research on a topic of mutual interest with the Field Placement site.

Presentation:  Developing a ProjectExplains how to develop an action learning project with your site. Describes appropriate projects and collaborative development, and provides examples of previous students’ projects. Outlines the preparatory responsibilities of each team member as well as the logistics of the first team meeting.

Proposal Development

After identifying the site and Preceptor, students will develop a Field Placement Proposal in conjunction with the Preceptor and with advice from the Faculty Advisor. The Field Placement Proposal form is available on the Field Placement Forms page, and students should refer to their Competency Self Assessment as a basis for determining specific competencies to be attained. The final proposal must be submitted to the Program Coordinator during the Field Placement Preparation course, at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the student’s project.

Students may not enroll in Field Placement until this proposal has been approved by the Preceptor, Faculty Advisor, IRB Consultant and Program Coordinator. The MPH Program will determine which Action Learning Projects will need to undergo a formal Medical College of Wisconsin IRB review. Additional site IRB requirements are the responsibility of the student and Preceptor.

  • Presentation:  Developing your Proposal - Part 2Explains the last three sections of the proposal form: chart of competencies and learning objectives, responsibilities, and agreement and approval. Describes the organization of the chart as well as how to write learning objectives, identify competencies, and determine evidence.
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