Students are responsible for obtaining copies of required books for their courses. You may purchase textbooks from any bookseller. Students are advised not to purchase books too far in advance of enrollment as texts are frequently published in new editions or courses are revised to newer, more current texts.

Textbooks have been updated for the fall 2016 semester.


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  18200 Environmental Health

Friis, Robert. Essentials of Environmental Health, 2nd edition. Jones and Bartlett. 2012. 

  18201 Principles of Epidemiology

Friss, Robert. Epidemiology for Public Health Practice. 5th Edition. Jones and Bartlett. 2014.

  18203 Public Health Administration

Shi, Leiyu and Johnson, James. Public Health Administration: Principles for Population-based Management. 3rd Edition,  2014.

  18204 Biostatistics

Pagano M and Gauvreau K. Principles of Biostatistics. 2nd edition. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole, 2000.

Computer software for Biostatistics (Required):
Information regarding the required computer software will be provided in the course syllabus, which will be available in early January. Statistical software used in the course is best suited for PCs running Windows, not Macs. It is highly recommended that you purchase and install the software as soon as possible so that any technical difficulties encountered can be dealt with promptly.

  18208 Health Care Management: Finance

Texts TBD.

  18209 Community Health Assessment and Improvement

Turnock, B.J. Public Health: What it is and How it Works, 6th edition. Boston: Jones and Bartlett, 2015. ISBN-13:
9781284069419. This is the preferred edition. Other editions may be used, but the page numbers may not match the syllabus.

The Future of the Public's Health in the 21st Century, Institute of Medicine, 2003 (optional purchase).

  18212 Behavioral Science and Public Health

DiClemente, R.J., Salazar, L.F., & Crosby, R.A. (2013) Health Behavior Theory for Public Health: Principles, Foundations and Applications. Burlington (MA) Jones & Bartlett Learning.

  18215 Infectious Diseases

Heymann, David, (ed.) Control of Communicable Diseases Manual. 20th Edition. American Public Health Association, 2014.

Dicker, Richard, MD, MSc. Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice. 3rd Edition. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - CDC. Text can be purchased from the Public Health Foundation bookstore or can be downloaded or read online from the CDC.

Recommended Reading:
Dworkin MS. Outbreak Investigations Around The World: Case Studies in Infectious Diseases Field Epidemiology. 1st Edition. (Faculty have an e-copy which they will be happy to share with students.)

  18218 Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Health

LaVeist, T, and Isaac, L.A., Race, Ethnicity & Health: A Public Health Reader. 2nd Edition. Jossey-Bass, 2013.

  18219 Introduction to Global Health

William Markle, Understanding Global Health, 2nd ed. McGraw Hill Professional Publishing 2013.

Glassman and Temin, Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health, 3rd edition. Center For Global Development (2016), Brookings Institution Press. ISBN-13: 9781933286884.

  18221 Public Health Law

Website: Richards, E.  Public Health Law Map.

Hodge, JG. Public Health Law in a Nutshell. West Academic Publishing, 2014.

Gostin, LO. Public Health Law and Ethics: A Reader, 2nd edition. University of California Press, 2010.

  18223 Public Health Policy

Bodenheimer, T. Understanding Health Policy: A Clinical Approach (6th edition). McGraw Hill, 2012.

  18230 Community Health Program Planning

Bryson, JM. Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (4th edition).  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2011.

Issel, LM. Health Program Planning and Evaluation: A Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health, 3rd edition. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2014.

  18232 Introduction to Population Health Management

No texts are required. Readings will be posted in course.

  18241 Health Communication

No texts are required.

  18243 Performance Management and Quality Improvement

Tews D, Heany J, Jones J, VanDerMoere R, and Madamala K. Embracing Quality in Public Health: A Practitioner’s Quality Improvement Guidebook. 2nd Edition.

  18250 Ethical Issues in Public Health

Gostin, L. Public Health Law: Power, Duty & Restraint, 2nd edition. University of California Press: Berkeley, 2008. (The 3rd edition is not being used.)

  18254 Challenges in Maternal & Child Health

Kotch, Jonathan, MD, MPH. Maternal & Child Health Programs, Problems and Policy in Public Health, 3rd edition. 2012.

  18258 Advanced Epidemiologic Methods

Rivara, FP, Cummings, P, Koepsell, TD, Grossman, DC, and Maier, RV. Injury Control: A Guide to Research and Program Evaluation. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge 2008.

  18260 Community Health Program Evaluation

Issel, LM.  Health Program Planning and Evaluation: A Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health, 3rd edition. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2014.

Rossi, PH, Lipsey, MW and Freeman HE. (2004). Evaluation: A Systematic Approach, 7th edition. Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

  18265 Public Health Research

No texts are required.

  18280 MPH Field Placement

Please see the MPH Field Placement page for more information.

  18297 MPH Capstone Project

Please see the MPH Capstone Project page for more information.

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