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Online Learning

Online learning enables students to take courses over the Internet, and all Master of Public Health courses are offered in this format. Online learning, also known as distance education, is gaining popularity as well as prestige, and it provides students with the freedom to “attend” a class from anywhere at any time. The structure of online learning is quite different than the traditional lecture-style format, so many students ask themselves:

Is online learning right for me?

To help you decide whether online learning is right for you, we provide information in an interactive PowerPoint presentation as well as in a list on this website.

Interactive PowerPoint – Is online learning right for me? (PDF)
Answer questions and receive feedback on whether online learning is for you.

Items to consider: Is online learning right for me?
Read about some important considerations for determining if online learning is for you.


Even after joining the program, students often wonder:

How can I succeed in an online course?

To help you make the most of your online coursework, we provide evidence-based strategies.

Online Learning Strategies for Success
Read about evidence-based online learning strategies.
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