Shared Mass Spectrometry Facility

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Guidelines for Mass Spectrometry Services

1. The facility is available to meet and discuss the possibility of utilizing the mass spectrometry for your research projects. The first meeting will be free of charge.
2. It is your responsibility to find protocols for sample preparation and experimental designs. We will, however, provide some suggestions if needed.
3. A request form must be completed explaining the sample type, number of samples, length of project, sample purity, estimated concentration range, what type of analysis, etc...
4. There will be an up-front setup cost for new projects depending on materials and time required. You have an option to purchases all the needed materials. The up-front setup cost will vary depending on the protocol and amount of work involved.
5. You will be charged for all samples, standards and blanks analyzed.
6. If you have no current funding available, you may request assistance in obtaining preliminary data for your proposal.  A special request may be reviewed and approved by the MSMS Oversight Committee.  If needed, the facility will provide a brief protocol of the MS analysis for your proposal and assist you with budget information for MS analysis.
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