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Pediatric Neurology Faculty




Kurt Hecox, MD, PhD, Interim Chief, Pediatric Division Epilepsy MCW Physician's Page
Christopher Inglese, MD Epilepsy, Tourette's Syndrome, Autism MCW Physician's Page
Michael J. Schwabe, MD Epilepsy, Vagal Nerve Stimulation MCW Physician's Page
Harry T. Whelan, MD Brain Tumors, Osteomyelitis MCW Physician's Page


Child Neurology Physician Assistance:

Pamela Kexel – PA

Erika Pyzik - PA


Child Neurology Nurse Practitioner:

Jenna Prigge – NP

Kate Walkowicz NP

Rhonda Werner – NP


Child Neurology Nurses:

Lynn Wolf – Clinical Supervisor

Gretchen Heckel- Head Nurse

Suzanne Novak-Valmont

Barbara Newby

Penny Boone

Lynn Kowalski

Elizabeth Weber

Monica Paprocki


Child Neurology Administrative Assistant:

Tammy Brissette – Administrative Coordinator

Towanda Powell - Program Coordinator of Child Neurology Fellowship Program

Ricia Cobb

Debbie Dye

Suzanne Liban


Child Neurology Clinical Staff:

Amber Willis – Scheduler

Sharon Butterfield, Clinic Secretary/Assistant

Shannen Burke – Clinic Secretary/Assistant

Melanie Rabideaus – Clinic Secretary/Assistant

Jenny Schefsky – Clinic Secretary Assistant


Child Neurology Billing Staff:

Lisa Lauren

Kris Wage

Deb Brown
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