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Current Traumatic Brain Injury Center Research

  • "An Independent, Head to Head Study of the Reliability and Validity of Neurocognitive Test Batteries for the Assessment of Mild TBI" - M. McCrea, PI; funded by the Walter Reed Army Institute for Research (WRAIR)/ Medical Research Material Command (MRMC); Brooke Lerner, PhD, Thomas Balkin, PhD, Co-Investigators


  • "Acute Effects and Recovery after Concussion in Athletes:  A Quantitative Brain Electrical Activity Study Using BrainScope" - M. McCrea, PI; funded by DonJoy Orthopedics, Inc.; Alison Brooks, MD, Co-PI


  • "National Sports Concussion Outcome Study (NSCOS)" - M. McCrea, PI; funded by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Steven P. Broglio, PhD; James T. Eckner, MD; Christopher Giza MD; Kevin M. Guskiewicz, PhD; and Jeffrey S. Kutcher, MD, Co-Investigators
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