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Current Sleep Research Laboratory Research

• Oxidative stress responses to loss and recovery of sleep. The objectives of these studies are to identify targets of oxidative stress-associated damage resulting from sleep loss and to determine the extent to which antioxidant depletion and cell damage affect physiological and clinical signs.

• Metabolic abnormalities and nutritional demands resulting from lack of sleep. The objectives of these studies are to determine changes to nutritional demands and how calories are disposed of differently when there is a lack of sleep compared to when there is sufficient sleep.  The outcomes are expected to extend to discoveries of cellular functions linked to sleep.

• Abnormal bone remodeling and increased blood cell production caused by insufficient sleep. Recent discoveries point to problems with remodeling of bone and altered plasticity of marrow as consequences of chronic sleep loss. Current and follow-up studies will establish the reasons for these pathologies and how they affect individuals based on age and gender.

• Cell injury as a consequence of lack of sleep. The objective of these studies is to determine cause and effect relationships between cell injury and proinflammatory processes, both of which are consequences of sleep loss.
The findings are expected to facilitate discoveries leading to preventative measures and treatments to alleviate the health consequences of poor sleep.
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