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Clinical Neurophysiology Trainee Evaluation

Each Trainee’s progress and development in their training to master Clinical Neurophysiologic procedures is regularly documented by the Program Director, in conjunction with input from other Clinical Neurophysiology Staff. In general, the mechanisms of evaluation are accomplished by:


  1. Informal regular discussion and feedback given to Trainees during the course of their performance of Clinical Neurophysiologic procedures by the staff that are immediately supervising them.
  2. A quarterly formal evaluation of the Clinical Neurophysiology resident by the Program Director, in conjunction with the staff with whom they have worked in that quarter.
  3. There will be a semi-annual “360 degree” assessment of the Trainees made by the Clinical Neurophysiology technical and administrative staff as well as patients.
  4. The Clinical Neurophysiology Trainee will be responsible for maintaining a log of their procedures as stipulated by the Program Director. This serves the purpose of giving the Trainee an accurate idea of how many procedures they have performed, which in turn will form part of the final report that the Program Director will make upon their successful completion of the Program.
  5. Clinical Neurophysiology Trainees are instructed to bring any matters of concern promptly and immediately to the attention of the Staff who are supervising them. Issues that require further consideration are to be taken up by the Program Director.
  6. The Clinical Neurophysiology Trainee will participate in two annual in-service examinations during the course of their training. This includes the American Society of Clinic Neurophysiology (EEG) that is typically given in March. The American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMG) administers an in-service examination that is typically offered in May. Results are discussed with Trainees by Staff.
  7. The Program Director is responsible for a written, final evaluation for each Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow completing the Clinical Neurophysiology Program that comments upon scope of training achieved by that Trainee during their year of Fellowship. Particular emphasis on performance during their final period of training, commentary on the numbers of procedures performed, and commentary on their ability to perform Clinical Neurophysiologic procedures in a competent way in the context of independent practice.

Fair Process

Each Clinical Neurophysiology Trainee has the protection of the Fair Procedures as established by the Department of Neurology and the Medical College of Wisconsin in all matters relating to academic discipline and grievances.

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