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Educational Objectives



At the end of their training, the Trainee is expected to be able to assess an epilepsy patient, and to determine the need for EEG testing (both routine studies and video monitoring). In addition, they will be able to master the technical aspects of the recording, including the identification of potential sources of error and artifact. Finally, they will be able to read and interpret EEG and video monitoring studies, including the generation of a complete and final report. This is all done under a graduated program, stressing progressive levels of independence and supervision throughout the course of their training. Additional exposure will be offered in the area of assessment of patients for epilepsy surgery.


Trainees will participate in all aspects of performance of Clinical Electromyography, beginning wit the assessment of the patient, so as to identify what specific procedures would need to be performed in order to have a complete study of the patient. Similar to EEG, the Trainee will be expected to achieve progressively increasing levels of independence throughout the course of their training, such that by the end of the year they will be able to perform EMG studies of a basic to moderately complex level or higher. This includes the ability to perform and analyze both nerve conduction studies, neuromuscular transmission studies, and the needle electrode examination. At the conclusion of the study, they will be able to generate a complete report, including the clinical interpretation.

Other Clinic Neurophysiology Studies

Trainees will spend variable, but shorter amounts of time in the areas of sleep, autonomic studies, chemodenervation, intraoperative monitoring and evoked potentials. In these areas of less emphasis, the Trainee will be able to understand when such studies are indicated and be able to understand the basics of each of these different investigations or therapies.
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