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The Clinical Neurophysiology Staff represent a large percentage of the total faculty in the Department of Neurology, both in the Adult and Pediatric Divisions. A list of this faculty, with their specific areas of interests/expertise, is listed in parentheses after their name. A biography for each of these faculty members is available on this web page under “Faculty Tab”.


Professor and Chair
Tom Chelimsky, MD

Program Director, Clinical Neurophysiology
Chad Carlson, MD, Associate Professor (EEG, MEG)

Adult Division

Christopher T. Anderson, MD, Assistant Professor (EEG, MEG)

Paul E. Barkhaus, MD, Professor (EMG)

Humberto Battistini, MD, Assistant Professor (Sleep, Intraoperative Monitoring, EEG, Evoked Potentials)

Michael J. Collins, MD, Associate Professor (EMG)

Jonathon Florczak, MD, Assistant Professor (EMG, EEG, Evoked Potentials)

Wendy Peltier, MD, Associate Professor (EMG)

Manoj Raghavan, MD, PhD Associate Professor (EEG, MEG)

Pediatric Neurology Division

Kurt Hecox, MD, Professor (EEG)

Christopher Inglese, MD, Professor (EEG)

Priya Monrad, MD, Assistant Professor (EEG)

Michael Schwabe, MD, Assistant Professor (EEG)

Adjunct Clinical Neurophysiology Faculty

Thomas Prieto, PhD (Autonomic Laboratory)

Bernd Remler, MD
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