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Clinical Neurophysiology is a subspecialty of Medicine, principally in Neurology that is concerned with the utilization of a variety of testing techniques to enhance the diagnostic evaluation of the neurological patient, both adult and child. Our purpose is to train physicians who have successfully completed training in adult or child neurology in Clinical Neurophysiologic testing so that they may be recognized as Electrodiagnostic Consultants in the practice of Clinical Neurophysiology. Trainees will be expected to master their ability to perform and interpret electrophysiological testing in the context of the six core competencies as defined by the ACGME:


  1. Patient Care that is compassionate, appropriate and effective in performing electrophysiological evaluations
  2. Medical Knowledge in the basic and clinical neurosciences related to the practice of Clinical neurophysiology
  3. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement to prepare for life-long learning and ongoing development in clinical neurophysiological testing skills
  4. Systems-Based Practice within the health care system to provide optimal care as pertains to clinical neurophysiology
  5. Interpersonal-Communication Skills development between Electrodiagnostic Consultant Trainees and patients, technicians, and physicians
  6. Professionalism in commitment to the responsible and ethical practice of Clinical Neurophysiology
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