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Program Evaluation

A Clinical Neurophysiology Training Program monitors its own performance by seeking maintenance of high standards in performance, while trying to continuously improve. The Program is required to maintain the high standards as established by the ACGME which regularly assesses and re-certifies this Program (current re-certification is for 5 years, until 2012). In addition, internal reviews are performed midway between each external review by the ACGME.

Other mechanisms to promote program evaluation are accomplished by:

  1. An annual meeting of the Clinical Neurophysiology Staff to review the strengths and weaknesses of the Clinical Neurophysiology Training Program.   Opportunities to improve are also discussed and implemented as needed.
  2. Evaluation by the Clinical Neurophysiology Trainees that are integrated into evaluations of the Clinical Neurophysiology Staff by the residents in the basic program. These evaluations go directly to the Medical College of Wisconsin, which in turn assesses these evaluations and provides feedback to the Departmental Chair.
  3. Assessment of faculty by the Program Director as to their commitment to teaching and research.
  4. Evaluation of the Clinical Neurophysiology Program by the Department of Neurology’s Education Committee, which oversees all educational activities in the Department of Neurology.
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