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At this level in post-graduate medical education, training in Clinical Neurophysiology is a complex series of steps in achieving mastery in various Clinical Neurophysiology testing procedures. In the venue provided in this training program, the trainee to staff ratio is extremely low, typically the trainee is directly working one-on-one with staff on a regular basis.

The Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow
The Clinical Neurophysiology Fellow is a Trainee who has already finished their basic training in Clinical Adult Neurology or Clinical Pediatric Neurology. They are thus expected to have a reasonable measure of independence in assessing needs for testing in Clinical Neurophysiology for patients. The Trainee is expected to practice within their capabilities and level of expertise. Feedback on this is given on a regular basis to the Trainee by the Clinical Neurophysiology Attending Staff.

Clinical Neurophysiology Staff
The Clinical Neurophysiology Staff are ultimately responsible for the patient’s care, safety and quality of testing as delivered by the Clinical Neurophysiology Trainee. Each Clinical Neurophysiology Staff has the ultimate responsibility that is not relinquished, except to another Clinical Neurophysiology Staff. Trainees perform clinical neurophysiology procedures with Clinical Neurophysiology Staff either on site, or else Staff is directly and immediately available by pager or telephone.

Program Director: Clinical Neurophysiology
The Program Director is responsible for the organization, curriculum and administration of the educational activities. In addition, the Program Director is ultimately responsible for the quality of the Program, including regular resident evaluations which are made with input from the Clinical Neurophysiology Staff with whom the Trainee is most closely affiliated with during that period of time. The Program Director is also ultimately responsible for maintaining ACGME Certification.
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