Neuroscience Doctoral Program

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Fields of Research

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology:

  • Central nervous system neuronal plasticity, molecular basis of circadian rhythms, molecular studies of learning and memory, protein and vesicular trafficking in the retina, laminar organization of the retina, studies of endocannabinoid regulation of synaptic plasticity.


  • CNS control of breathing, health effects of sleep deprivation, CNS control of blood pressure, what makes consciousness, transduction of painful stimuli.


  • Studies of cannabinoids and nicotine in humans, role of endocannabinoids in the regulation of stress responses, cannabinoid receptor signaling.

Neuropathology and Toxicology:

  • Neuroimmunology and neurodegenerative disease, cellular effects of spaceflight and vibration, biomechanics of neurotrauma, cellular effects of neurotrauma.

Sensation, Cognition and Perception:

  • Biological basis of visual perception, vestibular efferent function, auditory neuroscience, the vestibular system, the human visual system, human cognition.
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