Neuroscience Doctoral Program Faculty

Xiaowen Bai, MD, PhD

Bai, Xiaowen, MD, PhD

Developmental neurodegeneration and stem cell model

Raman Kalyanaraman, PhD

Kalyanaraman, Raman, PhD

Oxidants in neurodegeneration

Joseph Besharse, PhD

Besharse, Joseph, PhD

Molecular basis for sensory outer segment formation

Peter LaViolette, PhD

LaViolette, Peter, PhD

Brain cancer imaging, Neuro-imaging, and computational modeling

Jeffrey Binder, MD

Binder, Jeffrey, MD

Human cognitive neuroscience

Sang Lee, PhD

Lee, Sang, PhD

Molecular mechanisms of learning & memory

Shi-Jiang Li, PhD

Li, Shi-Jiang, PhD

fMRI technologies & brain functions

Joseph Carroll, PhD

Carroll, Joseph, PhD

High resolution retinal imaging

Brian Link, PhD

Link, Brian, PhD

Ocular development and disease

Edgar DeYoe, PhD

DeYoe, Edgar, PhD

The human visual system

Qing-Song Liu, PhD

Liu, Qing-Song, PhD

Synaptic mechanisms of drug addiction

Bonnie Dittel, PhD

Dittel, Bonnie, PhD

T cell-mediated autoimmunity and neurodegeneration

Christopher Olsen, PhD

Olsen, Christopher M., PhD

Brain mechanisms in drug and non-drug addictive behavior, novelty seeking

Frank Pintar, PhD

Pintar, Frank, PhD

Biomechanics of neurotrauma

Allison Ebert, PhD

Ebert, Allison, PhD

Neurodegenerative diseases

Danny Riley, PhD

Riley, Danny, PhD

Understanding vibration injury of nerves and arteries

Carol Everson, PhD

Everson, Carol, PhD

The health effects of sleep deprivation

Christina Runge, PhD

Runge, Christina, PhD

Physiology & psychophysics of cochlear implant stimulation & genetic hearing loss

Hubert Forster, PhD

Forster, Hubert, PhD

Control of breathing

Merav Sabri, PhD

Sabri, Merav, PhD

Human cognitive neuroscience

Nashaat Gerges, PhD

Gerges, Nashaat, PhD

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity

Matt Scaglione, PhD

Scaglione, Matt PhD

Elucidation of the neuroprotective mechanisms of ubiquitin and chaperone pathways in neurodegenerative diseases

David Harder, PhD

Harder, David, PhD

Cellular & molecular mechanisms of muscle cell contraction

D.J. Sidjanin, PhD

Sidjanin, D.J., PhD

Genetics of ocular development

Cecilia Hillard, PhD

Hillard, Cecilia, PhD

Role of endogenous cannabinoids in brain function

Cheryl Stucky, PhD

Stucky, Cheryl, PhD

Molecules that sense touch and pain

Matthew Hodges, PhD

Hodges, Matthew, PhD

Central chemoreception and the respiratory network

Margaret Wong-Riley, PhD

Wong-Riley, Margaret, PhD

Regulation of energy metabolism and neuronal plasticity in the CNS

James Hyde, PhD

Hyde, James, PhD

fMRI technology development; fMRI in rat brain

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