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Allied Health Providers

Physical & Occupational Therapy, that specializes in the treatment of spine problems, is the cornerstone in managing neck and back related symptoms. Once in the SpineCare program, our Allied Health Professionals use their vast knowledge and experience in teaching exercises, body mechanics and lifestyle changes essential for spine health. Their goal is to work with each patient to develop an individualized plan in managing their spine symptoms.

Mary Beth Ponzo PT DPT MS
Program Manager

  • Pam Fleckenstein MPT
  • Tony Hornung PT
  • Jean Koelbl PT
  • Cynthia Samonte MPT
  • Craig Schneider  DPT
  • Kalin Vt Albrecht PTA
  • Jazmin Brantley PTA 
  • Nicole Harms PTA
  • Steve Majstoravich PTA 
  • Carol Fitzgerald OTR, CEES
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