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Basic Science Labs 

Histology Laboratory is fully equipped and staffed, capable of all routine techniques, including silver stains, Trichrome stains, paraffin sectioning and cryostat sectioning. Equipment includes a Leica Laborlux D microscope, a cryostat for autoradiography, and routine frozen sectioning, rotary microtome, sliding microtome, Autotechnicon tissue embedder, and Buehler diamond saw. Nicolet evoked potential monitoring system. NYU spinal cord injury impactor device. Two Forma water-jacketed incubators. Two isolated SterilGARD hoods (Baker Co. Inc.). Thermo IEC Centra-CLR3 centrifuge. High-resolution Nikon dissecting microscope, fiber optic light illuminator source. Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope with epi- and fluorescent illumination.  Nikon E600 upright microscope with epi- and fluorescent illumination, Spot II digital camera system, imaging monitor, and MetaMorph image analysis software. Dedicated refrigerator and freezer for storing culture media supplies. NYU spinal cord injury impactor device. Surgical microscope, (Moller Wedel Inc.). Dell Dimension workstation computer system. BioRad I-cycler real-time thermocycler. Denver balance, microwave. Fisher microcentrifuge. pH meter. BioRad semi-dry gel transfer apparatus. BioRad mini-protein gel electrophoresis tanks with power supplies. Owl DNA/RNA electrophoresis tanks. Harvard Apparatus blood pressure-monitoring machine. Harvard Apparatus pulse oximeter. American Optical 2-headed teaching microscope. Designated refrigerator/freezer. Nanopure Infinity water system. Ultraviolet gel-viewing table. Eppendorf refrigerated microcentrifuge. Hot plates, stirrers, platform shaker, vortexers, glassware, plasticware, incubator oven and water bath. Vicon nine-camera, high-speed motion capture system and software for 3D motion analysis.
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