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Biophysics researchers publish paper identifying novel inhibitors of NADPH oxidase enzymes

Feb. 11 - Drs. Balaraman Kalyanaraman, chairman and professor of biophysics and Harry R. & Angeline E. Quadracci Professor in Parkinson’s Research, and Jacek Zielonka, research director of the Free Radical Research Center in the department of biophysics, recently published an article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry describing ways with which inhibitors of NADPH oxidase enzyme 2 (Nox2 isoform) are identified.


Community Engagement Week: call for posters

Feb. 10 - The Community Engagement Week planning committee, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Campus Compact and Midwest Knowledge Mobilization Network, is seeking abstract and poster submissions that describe projects, research and/or lessons learned from the field of Community Engagement in Research (CEnR) that align with this year’s CE week theme, “Community Engagement: Bridging the Gap between Academics and the Community.


Drs. Candice Klug & Kathryn Schultz author paper published in Science

Feb. 9 - Candice Klug, PhD, professor of biophysics, and Kathryn Schultz, PhD, research scientist, are authors on a paper published in Science on Feb. 5 on the structure of a bacterial enzyme responsible for conferring resistance to polymyxin, an antibiotic used to treat infections. The paper represents collaborative research between MCW’s department of biophysics and Columbia University.


MCW researchers discover ancient cellular mutation leading to multi-celled organisms

Feb. 8 - Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) researchers Brian Volkman, PhD, professor of biochemistry, and Dustin Whitney, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, recently co-authored a study suggesting the evolution of an ancient cellular mutation 600 million years ago allowed single cells to evolve to multi-celled organisms.


Black History Month 2016

Feb. 1 - In honor of Black History Month, the Medical College of Wisconsin has created a series of video vignettes and stories that will be posted on InfoScope during the month of February. The vignettes highlight some of our African American and Black faculty and staff and the contributions they have made. The stories highlight MCW programs that improve the health of underserved populations (including African American and Black), offer these populations improved access to health care and education, and reduce health disparities. All of the vignettes and stories will be added to MCW’s Honoring Diversity Web page as they are published. This story highlights a few of the programs within our research and patient care missions.


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