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Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Ophthalmology
Clinical Conference Schedule
August 2014

All Lectures held at 7:00 - 7:45am, in the Eye Institute’s Lower Level Conference Room unless otherwise stated.

Friday, Aug. 1  Optics Lecture:  Retinal Blood Flow Dynamic with Adaptive Optics
Guest lecturer:  Andrew Metha, PhD

Monday, Aug. 4 (4th Fl) Morning Rounds:  Drs. Koenig, Hong, Weinberg

Tuesday, Aug 5 Pathology Lecture: Skin & Lacrimal Drainage System
 Kenneth B. Simons, MD

Wed., Aug 6  GRAND ROUNDS: C. Gail Summers, MD
Albinism:  Practical Pearls

Thurs., Aug 7 Pediatric Ophthalmology Lecture:  Diagnostic Techniques in Amblyopia and Strabismus
@ CHW Eye Clinic Veronica Picard, CO

Fri., Aug. 8 No Lecture

Mon. Aug. 11  (4th Fl)  Morning Rounds:  Drs. Heuer, Griepentrog, Wirostko

Tues., Aug.12 Anterior Segment Lecture:  Keratoconus
 Steven B. Koenig, MD

Weds., Aug 13 No Lecture

Thurs., Aug. 14 Fluorescein Angiography Conference
 Dennis P. Han, MD
Fri., Aug. 15 Oculoplastics Conference:  Sang H. Hong, MD

15 FRI  12:00noon – 5:00pm  Phaco Course Didactics – UW Madison
16 SAT  7:30am – 12 noon  Phaco Course Wetlab – UW Madison

Mon., Aug.18 (4th Fl)  Morning Rounds:  Drs. Wilkes, Wells, Han

Tues., Aug. 19 Neuro-Ophthalmology Lecture: Humphrey Visual Field Interpretation
Sang H. Hong, MD

Wed., Aug. 20 Rotating Clinical Conference  Comprehensive
Bhavna P. Sheth, MD

5:30 p.m. (8th Floor)  Cataract Conference:  Topic TBA
Geoffrey O. Wilkes, MD

Thur., Aug. 21 Retina Lecture:  Epidemiology/Treatment of Retinal Breaks and Detachments
William J. Wirostko, MD

Fri., Aug. 22 Oculoplastics Lecture:  Orbital Diagnosis
Elizabeth Chiang, MD 

Mon., Aug. 25 (4th Fl)  Morning Rounds:  Drs. Costakos, Hong, Stepien

Tue., Aug. 26 No Lecture

Wed., Aug. 27 Patient Safety & QI Conf:   Matthew Cooke, MD
Thur. Aug. 28 Retina Lecture:  Infectious Retinopathies 
David V. Weinberg, MD

Fri., Aug. 29  No Lecture
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Sept 1 MON  NO Morning Rounds – Holiday        

All Lectures held in the Eye Institute’s Lower Level Conference Room unless otherwise stated.


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