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Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Ophthalmology
Clinical Conference Schedule
September 2014

All Lectures held at 7:00 - 7:45am, in the Eye Institute’s Lower Level Conference Room unless otherwise stated.

Fri., Aug. 29 No Lecture

Monday Sept. 1 Holiday - No Lecture

Tues., Sept., 2  Pathology Lecture
Kenneth B. Simon, MD

Wed., Sept. 3  GRAND ROUNDS: Diagnosis and Management of Sarcoidosis
Andrea Diane Birnbaum, MD, PhD

Associate Chief of Staff for Education, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University

Thurs., Sept 4 Pediatric Ophthalmology Lecture:  Physiology of Binocular Vision
Mark S. Ruttum, MD

Fri., Sept. 5 Optic Lecture: Refraction Tips and Techniques
Scott Robison, OD

Mon. Sept. 8  Morning Rounds:  Drs. Martinez, Griepentrog,  Wirostko

Tue., Sept. 9 No Lecture
Weds., Sept. 10 No Lecture
Thurs., Sept. 11 Fluorescein Angiography Conference
William J. Wirostko, MD

Fri., Sept. 12 Facial Trauma Conference:  Orbital Floor Fractures:  Avoiding Complications
FMLH East 2nd Floor  Boardroom, Rm#2929   Sean Paul, MD – Oculoplastics Fellow

Mon., Sept., 15 Morning Rounds:  Drs. Salim, Wells, Connor

Tues., Sept., 16 Neuro-Ophthalmology Lecture:  Optic Neuritis
Ryan D. Walsh, MD

16 TUE  Sept.,  6pm social / 6:45 dinner  Milwaukee Ophthalmological Society Meeting "Advances in Ocular Oncology"
Westmoor Country Club
400 S. Moorland Rd., Brkfld Devron Char, MD; The Tumori Foundation

Weds., Sept. 17 “RCC” –  Resident Research Planning 
All 2nd/3rd year residents should present their initial plans for Residents’ Day
Research Project.  1st years planning to do a project may also present their ideas.

Weds., Sept. 17 5:30 p.m. Cataract Conference: Cataract Surgery in the Uveitis Patient
8th Floor Conf Room 
Wanda M. Martinez, MD

Thurs., Sept. 18 Retina Lecture:  Infectious Choroidal Diseases
Thomas B. Connor, Jr., MD

Fri., Sept. 19 Oculoplastics Conf 
Gregory J. Griepentrog, MD

Saturday, September 20, 2014
The Department of Ophthalmology Annual Symposium, “The Aging Eye”
Medical College of Wisconsin Health Research Center Auditorium (HRC)
Registration/Breakfast at 7:45am, Meeting 8:20am to 3:00pm

Mon., Sept. 22 Morning Rounds:  Drs. Heuer, Hong, Stepien

Tues., Sept. 23 Glaucoma Lecture:  TBA

Weds., Sept. 24 Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Conf.
Kelly Laurenti, MD

Thurs., Sept. 25 Retina Lecture:  Surgical Macular Disease
Judy E. Kim, MD
Fri., Sept. 26 Oculoplastics Lecture: Graves Orbitopathy
Sang H. Hong, MD

Mon. Sept., 29 Morning Rounds:  Drs. Costakos, Harris, Kim

Tues., Sept.  30 No Lecture

All Lectures held in the Eye Institute’s Lower Level Conference Room unless otherwise stated.


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