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 Department of Ophthalmology Case Studies


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VAcc: OD 20/30; OS 20/100

Pupils: round and reactive bilaterally, no APD OU

CVF: Grossly intact bilaterally

EOM: Full bilaterally

Tap: OD – 16 mmHg; OS – 17 mmHg

Amsler grid exam: OD – normal; OS – Blurry spot near the center of the grid with wavy lines

External: No abnormalities noted

L/L wnl wnl
C/S white/quiet white/quiet
K clear clear
AC deep/quiet deep/quiet
I r/r r/r
L1+ NSC 1+ NSC

OD – Sharp disc margins, c/d – 0.5, vessels normal size/course, scattered large soft drusen present within the arcades
OS – Sharp disc margins, c/d – 0.6, vessels normal size course, scattered soft drusen, subretinal hemorrhage in macular area

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